Disfraces para mellizos en halloween

Costumes for twins on halloween

If to choose a good costume for children turns out for some mothers a feeder head, I imagine what it will be when they are two young brothers, twins, triplets, ect. Therefore, today we show you a series of costumes as a couple for halloween.

In this way, you will have a clear and simple idea of being able to dress the little ones in the house according to this holiday and that it is also fun to make it in this original way, surely everyone will be amazed with this type of costumes by couples of brothers.

There is always a very charismatic couple that steals their hearts from the little ones, so it would be a great idea that they themselves agreed together to choose the couple to represent it.

Princess Leia and Luke

Although little ones in the house can understand little about this Star Wars film, they might have a vague knowledge of these characters because they have heard something from their parents or have seen something about it on television. If you like it and you are fans of this mythical film you can make a couple of beautiful twins dressed in these outfits.

Disfraces para mellizos en halloween

Mario and Luigi

What child does not know these two brothers characters of animation and video games? In addition, this costume is super easy to make with the same clothes that they have at home, you just need to buy the hats and gloves and, of course, the whiskers.

Bell and Peter Pan Peter Pan

‘s film is highly demanded by children. So, it’s great for the couple of twins of different sex, one to make a bell (girl) and another to make Peter Pan (boy). This way, we’ll have a couple of Disney stories. You can also choose couples like Aladin and Jasmine, Beauty and the Beast, Ariel and Prince or Sebastian crab, etc.

Disfraces para mellizos en halloween

Little Riding Hood and the Wolf

Children’s stories are usually a frequent bedtime event, but it seems to you that these characters go into real life through costumes. So look for a children’s story that children like best and make their costume so that you can represent the story.

Disfraces para mellizos en halloween

Batman and Robin

Comics are also a mode of entertainment for the little ones being the most demanded Batman and Robin or Spiderman and Doctor Octopus. Whatever it is you can’t forget about the key details for these costumes like the batman mask and its bat symbol.

Disfraces para mellizos en halloween

Chuchy and his girlfriend

This latest costume is quite terrifying since it’s about Halloween. So if you have a couple of little monsters to make this type of costume, it is very easy to do it with your clothes at home and just have imagination for details, like the orange hair of chucky and the mole of his girlfriend.