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baby room

All experts, and among them are moms and dads, recommend baby gyms. These are the best way for the child to grow up playing and learning. From two months they can already use them and will help them in their physical, intellectual and affective development.

In the subject of baby gyms quality is essential, and you should not skimp on finding the best option for yourself, for your baby, and the space you have at home. Search among all the proposals on the market, compare the pros and cons, the features that are detailed and surely one fits your needs.

How to choose a gym for baby that is really good?

As you may have noticed there are a wide variety of gyms, or blankets, for babies. Almost all share the same basic features, this is a well-padded carpet, bright and strong colors that attract the attention of the baby, dolls that interact with the little one.

When they are items in contact with children, it is essential that they comply with all safety standards. Don’t risk this. Your son or daughter will spend a lot of time lying on it, the sewn should be strong, the fabric pleasant to the touch, will not give it allergy, and with large objects that can not be inserted into the mouth, while soft so that he can handle them safely. Under no circumstances should there be any kind of toxic material, watch with the batteries that some of these baby gyms have!

As for size, the recommendation is that the baby can use it for a long period of time. It should roughly cover twice as big as the baby is, so that it has enough space to move. Most play mats adapt to the growth of the baby, and they can be used until the age of two, if the baby is not bored.

Gyms adapted to each family

With a few months you can’t know what your baby really likes or interests, but you can know what your space needs, economics, or certain principles are. For example there are mothers who do not want to buy products made in China, there are those who prefer fair trade also for such items, make them themselves the gym, or order them to a toy craftsman to make it authentically personalized.

If you don’t have much room at home, play blankets usually go on the floor, but you can also place the gym, at least as long as the baby is small in the stroller or rocking chair. In this regard there are some where you can choose how to unfold them, you can leave one side open, both open, or completely closed.

You may be in the case of having twins, or siblings will take little time with each other and will have to share for a period of time the gym. In this case you will have to look for a larger than usual one. There are, too. And nothing less detail, look for a play blanket very easy to wash, because you’re going to have to do it very often.

Are baby gyms that are made at home good?

As we said, the mission of the gym is to stimulate the baby. Obviously we can do this without buying a gym for baby, but remember that these are specially designed by professionals so that the child receives the learning stimuli and motor that is required according to their age.

A colourful blanket, big enough and quilted, will make your baby feel like and willing to experiment. But if you add to it different textures, mirrors, and other toys will interact much more. In addition most gym include sounds, or the possibility of provoking these sounds, which makes them even more interesting for the baby.

However, you can follow the video instructions and material posted on the internet to make and prepare your baby their own gym. Many moms make baby gyms from PVC pipes, it is a simple way to do it, but we would recommend using materials that have softer and softer textures.