fashion pregnant woman

There is no longer so much left to suffer the suffocating heat of summer, so in a few weeks fresh air will return to our lives. If you are pregnant you are more than likely to want a good temperature because the heat does not feel good to anyone, and less to a woman in an advanced state of gestation. But the best thing is that when the heat passes we can be thinking again about the maternity clothes we want to wear.

Of course, when I talk about maternity fashion trends, I mean the fashion trend of maternity clothes, pregnant women. For this reason, it is essential that women know that in addition to looking beautiful, they can and should be very comfortable. Today I want to talk to you about the main trends of clothing for pregnant women. So, if you don’t know what to wear for your last months of pregnancy, the time has come for you to choose the best options for you.

Asymmetrical Hems

A large T-shirt or a dress with asymmetrical hems is definitely a good way to find your look. It’s an easy way to look beautiful and comfortable. With a shorter hem on the front, you’ll notice how your belly will be more comfortable because you won’t have anything to tighten you so you’ll have more room to breathe. The ideal is to combine it with leggings and ankle boots to stay comfortable and stylish throughout the day.

Long Pendants

If you want your belly to look really pretty you won’t be able to miss the long necklaces with a good pendant at the end to be able to show your belly in an advanced state of management. There are certain long necklaces with rattlesnake sounds or small musicians that are nice and that mothers wear to stimulate their baby’s ear when it moves.

A loose belt or loop

If you feel that your waist has disappeared, congratulations, it means that your pregnancy is progressing and everything is going great. You can put on a belt or a bow wrapping your dress and it is just above your pregnancy belly. Your belly will look much prettier and you will be showing all the beauty of a pregnant woman. You just need to make sure you feel comfortable and that you can breathe well without any problems.

De Negro

Going black doesn’t mean you have to mourn or that it’s too sad a color. Black is a color that in addition to being elegant will feel great during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester. You can go black from your feet to your head. You can opt for tight zippers, jeans, leggings, long or short t-shirts, you can combine them with brightly colored accessories, etc.

Ropa informal

For weekends you can put on comfortable clothes, an infinite scarf and skinny jeans with a mesh on your belly to make you feel more comfortable. Keep the scarf in mind only if it’s really cold, because if you couldn’t feel uncomfortable. The important thing is that you have a casual look, that you feel pretty but at the same time you are comfortable with everything you wear.

Forget high heels and always opt for the footwear that feels best and you can enjoy on your daily walks. Of course, hair will be part of your casual look, so you won’t be able to miss a comfortable, messy but attractive bun.

A rayas

Horizontal stripes are a fashion that always succeeds, no matter what time of year you are. Although they look better in autumn, you can wear them all year round both in dresses, and on t-shirts. You can wear stripes of the sizes you prefer, you can even show your belly a little. Black and navy blue with stripes will always be a trend that will not go out of fashion. Can you imagine a black trousers with a white striped t-shirt in navy blue and a yellow scarf with brown boots? Ideal!

Contrasted colors

Dark colors in contrast to lighter colors are always a good idea, but for pregnant women the ideal is to have the bottom of a darker colour and the upper part has a lighter colour, so the belly part will look more elegant and you will feel much more beautiful. It’s a classic look that never goes out of style.

A long layer

The trench coats will always look great and it also looks natural and if you need a vest, it will certainly be a good choice. Long sleeveless layers – or with them – can match very well with leggings and causal shoes, as well as shirts that are somewhat casual as well. If you like long layers and are pregnant, they are a good time to enjoy and wear them.

A mono

There are women who don’t feel very attractive with the jumpsuit on a regular basis but when they are pregnant things changes. One of the biggest trends of maternity is the wearing of the jumpsuit, as it is a style that fits perfectly with the fashion of pregnant women.

With no waist adjustment and being able to enjoy full coverage, you can feel amazing both day and night. You can combine them with wide heels, a beautiful bracelet or a thick necklace… you will certainly be a very attractive pre-mom. The only thing is that you’ll need extra time every time you go to the bathroom, but it’s definitely worth it.