Ideas de juegos para niños y para niñas

Game ideas for boys and girls

If you are looking for simple and fun activities for boys and girls, here we propose a small list of game ideas so you can recreate with them this summer. They are games to do at home or outdoors, all with a touch of creativity for that guaranteed fun.

Good weather is the best ally to be in contact with the outside, to enhance the human being’s relationship with nature. These activities help to share unforgettable moments with other children as they combine with ingenuity and fun. However, if you can’t have a lot of time outdoors, we can always make creative ideas inside the house.

Game ideas for boys and girls

At Madres Hoy we have not tired of giving spectacular ideas to families, so that the little ones have fun when they have free time. We love that everyone has a good time, like playing outdoors without using material, playing with family and using cooperation, or playing with educational games to boost memory. In all of them we give the best ideas to have a great time and with great joy we give you many more ideas:

Search for treasures exploring nature

Do you like going out for nature excursions? Surely it is the best idea to give children a little freedom, exploring every corner, as the countryside, the park, and even the street offers us plenty of natural spaces. Enrich them to devise how to search for treasures among all the flora and fauna, to explore and collect all its elements affectionately.

Crafts painting stones

If you have explored nature, perhaps you have encouraged yourself to collect stones. It is fashionable to paint these elements and is that there are super creative shapes, drawings and colors to give life to this raw material that sometimes goes so unnoticed. With lots of acrylic paint, water, brushes and old clothes, we can spend some time of design and creativity.

pintar piedras

Paint with colored chalks

Fun and creativity are still the main example for having fun. With a pack of colored chalks we can go out to the street and decorate the sidewalk or asphalt. Children will want to recreate their imagination and enjoy with their friends, if they also want to explore some game they can even paint a hopscotch, a traditional game of a lifetime.

Play with water balloons

The good weather is synonymous with lots of outdoor fun and playing with water. Children can start filling colorful balloons with water. By the moment they are filling them, they already have countless ideas of what to do with it. To make it more fun we can give them rackets to play with them, make games so they don’t fall out of your hands or try to exploit them with some part of your body.

Create magical experiments

Children also know how to have fun without leaving home. Science is very fun and home experiments can be a good resource of fun and dexterity. There are countless tricks and ideas online, in this link you can find very original proposals with first-hand materials, or as in this video, where experiments will make that moment shine.

Making ice cream with fruits

Kitchen cannot be missing as a part of the game within education. It is an experimental skill that with a lot of imagination can become an ideal entertainment. In summer it is great fun to make ice creams with seasonal fruits, children will love to make the smoothies and put them in the fridge. The result of its transformation inside the freezer is what will surprise you most, apart from being able to taste this refreshing and healthy food.