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have fun at home

We are already in autumn and I’m sure there will be more than one afternoon of rain. We propose some very fun activities that you can do with your children based on mimicry. We can say that mime is the oldest form of communication , almost certainly we first communicate by signals, rather than by words, and in Greek empire pantomimes already existed as dramatic representations.

Mimicry is not only about making gestures, but about reflecting emotions and telling something without words, and without a voice, although sometimes there may be some external sound. By practicing mime with your children they will acquire a greater knowledge of their body, their expressions and their creativity.

Advantages of mimic activities

Mime games and activities help children improve their body expression, they can learn to manage their body, coordination and abilities. It is the perfect excuse for little ones to work coarse motor skills, agility and flexibility.

In addition, this form of expression serves to manifest sensations, emotions and feelings without verbal communication and in a very fun way. These activities are also great for fostering imagination and creativity, achieving greater concentration.

Another advantage is that it achieves adaptation when solving problems. When they don’t guess what you mean, you just have to look for other alternatives. By pampering children get greater confidence and disinhibition, although at first it can give them a little embarrassment. Maybe it should be you, the mom, who breaks the ice.

And another important thing, to make mime you do not need anything but the body. They are very entertaining, fun, economical activities and can be done anywhere.

Three mime activities for primary school children

The first thing is to narrow down what kind of topic we are going to do, we can express through the movement of the whole body, but especially on the face anything. For the little ones we recommend playingwhich animal are you?The game consists of imitating the movement or physiognomy of different animals. You can’t make any kind of sound. For example, children can drag like snakes, move the mane like a lion, imitate the flight of a fly… You can complicate the game by asking them to make only mammals, insects, birds… so you will test their imagination.

Another easy game for primary school boys and girls is to indicate a profession through mime. At first it can be generic, type, doctor, driver, police, but then you can add details that differentiate an ambulance driver from a trucker, for example, or a surgeon from a dentist.

I represent emotions with movement.This game consists of expressing different emotions. The idea is that as a mom you propose to express anger, fear, anger, joy, surprise… not only with the face, but with the whole body. You can also encourage them to express sensations such as, heat, cold, sleep, hunger…

Activities for high school children

These activities, like the others also serve to learn, for example you can ask your children to transform into geometric figures through mime. With the body will have to simulate circles, ellipses, isosceles triangles, squares, rhombuses…

I’m what you seeis a guessing game in which the boy or girl becomes an object that is in sight, for example a lamp, scissors, a photograph. If you have several children playing at home, you can suggest that they form two teams and make words to guess them.

Those who are more daring can play to represent film titles, booktitles, or even make a scene of a historical event, anything can be depicted through mimicry. They can also be people close to children, such as their teachers, relatives, neighbors, or play to represent a past event, a cousin’s wedding, Christmas Eve dinner… all you need to do is narrow down the subject well and know what or who is being represented.