We would like to talk to you, as on other occasions about the positive aspects of video games. And it is that these are used as educational tools. Recently, video games explain to boys and girls, what is COVID-19, the importance of washing hands or maintaining safety distances. We will not tire of repeating that the best way to learn is through the game. And if this game comes virtual, and on screen, then it will touch adapt.

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Today, August 29, World Video Game Day is celebrated, or Gamer Day. On many occasions mothers demonize video games, and nothing attracts the attention of our children more than screens. At least generally. In this sense we are the ones who must set the limits.

The video game Can you save the world? against the pandemic


little ones in the house, especially now that school season begins, should also learn and assimilate the importance of washing their hands, wearing masks, keeping distances. There are several ways to make them understand why we should follow these procedures, and video games are one of them.

Psychologist and Professor Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire, and designer Martin Jacon, created a video game a few months ago for children to understand the importance of certain aspects when we go out to the streets in a health crisis. The video game is called Can You Save the World?Can you save the world? The game is completely free and you can access it from any platform to download it.

The intention of the game is that if we all cooperate by maintaining the safety distance and wearing the mask will avoid contagion. In the video game is associated with the fact of saving the necessary distance with a positive experience. That’s why you listen to cheerful music, save lives or recover points thanks to masks.

The Covid Game, the video game for the whole family

This video games The Covid Gameis available for free on the internet. It is available for computer, mobile or tablet. It has been designed by the Institut La Valira de la Seu d’Urgell in Lleida. The video game consists of four elements: a person, the Covid-19 virus, a house and a hospital.

The person has to get home to confine before the virus touches, infects him, and begins to multiply. The idea is to let children experiment with the different possibilities of the game. One option is that the little ones can take refuge in the hospital after they have been infected. In addition to being cured, they get the pandemic to be reduced every time a virus, which represents an infected person.

One of the advantages of this video game, compared to others that deal with the same idea, is that it is intended as an activity to do with the family and for children and adults to reflect on what happens in the game.

Cuban video game that teaches not to spread coronavirus

We continue with another video game proposal for children to fight coronavirus infections. On this occasion it was the Young Computer and Electronics Club (JCCE) of Cuba who makes this didactic video game available to Internet users: Fighting Covid-19.

The goal of the video game is that through interaction we learn how to act responsibly at each stage of the pandemic. Guidelines are also given so that people, adults and children, can protect themselves from coronavirus. The format of the video game is that through different boxes, with different difficulties, the main measures, precautions or consequences of the spread of the disease are known.

The download can be done from the video games portal Ludox. It is available both in computer format and in its mobile version with Android operating system. And it can be played in individual mode against the computer or competitive, between two players.