Zapatos de flamenca

Flamenco shoes

As you probably already know, in a few days the tour of Andalusia Fairswill begin. The first as always to head these is the Seville Fair, with its booths, its sevillanas and, of course, their flamenco dresses and shoes.

The different styles and designs that you see at the fairs are always an innovation, since every year designers risk more with fabrics, colors, and so on. With these flamenco shoes your daughters will feel comfortable while wearing beautiful shoes.


You can find these flamenco shoes in the bullfighter boutique, where you can choose from typical flamenco shoes for rehearsals flamenco dance classes or just flamenco shoes for the fair. There are

many colors and styles, not being able to forget the tan fam


These flamenco shoes are in leatherette without paintsand, the Heel is ideal for girls who start dancing sevillanas or flamenco. There are from size 16 to 43, but please note that these shoes are very fair so one size up is recommended. All have a price of 16€.

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Fuente — La boutique del torero