Your child will meet his first year and new challenges and adventures are yet to come. It is increasingly autonomous, he wants to spend more time on the ground crawling and taking his first steps. Your sleep hours in the day are shortening and gradually a sleep routine will be established at night. On the other hand, food reaches a key point at 12 months.

Food at 12 months

By now the baby has had to try virtually all kinds of foods, except for some potentially dangerous such as nuts. Therefore, most pediatricians often recommend that the child start eating the same as the rest of the family. However, provided that some precautions are taken when adding some substances to meals, such as salt. In this link you will find very useful tips to adapt the whole family’s food to the baby’s diet.

The introduction of solids

With the arrival of the first year of the baby, it is time to start introducing more solid foods and gradually removing very crushed purees . This is a process that needs to be done gradually, so that the baby gets used to taking the most whole foods and gradually can adapt to the new textures. To begin, instead of crushing the vegetables, move on to chamfer them with a fork so that they are more whole.

You can also offer you easy-to-chew foods, even if your baby doesn’t have teeth with his gums, he can undo food very well. Always taking the caution to cut and cook the food correctly, to prevent the baby from choking, you can give it for example:

  • Banana
  • Cooked carrot
  • Boiled rice
  • Pear
  • Melon
  • Watermelon
  • Boiled potato

Always under the attentive supervision of an adult and without pressing the child. Testing whole foods should be a game for the baby, so you should not worry if you do not eat too much. Keep up with your usual menu regardless of whole foods.

Foods that can be incorporated at 12 months

At 12 months the baby can take almost everything, except for some foods that for different reasons can be dangerous. Here are the foods you can include from the baby’s first year:

  • Blue fish
  • Fat
  • meats
  • Fruits such asstrawberries or peaches, which are potentially allergenic are not recommended until 12 months

  • Vegetables of all kinds, including leafy greenones such as spinach or chard The
  • egg complete, preferably in tortilla
  • Cow’s milkand derivatives (tender cheese, yogurt)

Make sure that the menu is balanced and that in the main meals a portion of protein appears, in addition to vegetables. If at noon you drink meat, then at dinner time you can give it fish or egg. Fruit is an essential part of the children’s diet, make sure that the baby takes 2 to 4 servings a day. As for dairy, milk is still the most important food and should take at least half a liter of milk or derivatives.

Alimentación para bebés BLW

How to structure the 12-month-old baby’s menu

The organization of the daily menu should look like this:

  • For breakfast: Breast milk or milk bottle with cereals
  • Midmorning: Fresh fruitTo eat:
  • Vegetable puree or boiled rice or soup with noodles, plus a small fillet of fish or minced meat that can be mixed in the puree.
  • For dessert you can have natural yogurt or some fresh fruit

  • At snack time : Fresh fruit and a biscuit, a homemade milk and fruit smoothie, a yogurt with pieces of fruit
  • For dinner : Omelette from an egg or rice soup or vegetable puree and chicken. You can give her a dessert bottle or breast if you still continue breastfeeding.

Chewing is a tiring process for the baby and it will take time to get used to it. You must have patience as it will take much longer to eat. Even if it is exhausting, it is important not to lengthen the time of the crushed ones too long. So the little one will get used to eating like an older and everyone will enjoy sharing fun meals at the table.