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Artistic gymnastics is anOlympic size, in which women and men compete separately in different devices and in different modalities. Yes, as you read it, men and women, and it is that it is considered artistic gymnastics, which we also call sports gymnastics. Popularly, especially in the women’s category in Spain we talk about rhythmic gymnastics. But men’s gymnastics is artistic, and there are also boys practicing male rhythmic gymnastics, although it is not yet an Olympic modality.

Have children Artistic gymnastics requires certain physical qualities such as balance, flexibility, coordination and strength. These should be developed progressively and without forcing for a complete and healthy balance of the child. We tell you what are all the benefits of this sport.

Benefits of artistic gymnastics

Artistic or sports gymnastics, practiced by boys and girls is considered one of the fundamental sports for the development of basic skills and skills. There are other sports that also meet these conditions such as athletics, or swimming.

Some of the benefits offered by artistic gymnastics are:

  • At the emotional level it helps to develop self-confidence. It is very beneficial for shy boys and girls, as it involves the management of expressiveness. It also helps discipline, concentration and develop emotional stability. Promotes social character such as companionship, solidarity, respect for the opponent and love for a team.
  • On the

  • physical level he develops many physical and motor qualities, in addition corrects and improves the posture of the body, develops the sense of rhythm and speed of reflexes. It also increases endurance and respiratory efficiency.

Girls gymnasts, who want to compete or who come to compete at a high level, are physically characterized by being thin, short and long limbs, arms and legs. But artistic gymnastics does not have to have a high-competition goal, and our daughters can practice it even if their body is not ideal.

When should you start practicing?

The practice of artistic and rhythmic gymnastics is one of the most popular extracurricular activities, especially among girls. It is considered a sport of early specialization, so it is said that the ideal is to start it between 3 and 5 years. It is time that the girl acquires postural habits and the development of basic motor skills, which are necessary to later learn elements of greater complexity.

However, artistic gymnastics can begin to be practiced during adolescence or later. Always being clear that you are not going to reach the levels of development that you have started before, but that they are always beneficial to the person.

It is parents who have to put limits on children’s aspirations. It is very often that many boys and girls aspire to be Olympics, only a few will achieve it. Methods of teaching gymnastics are very demanding, and at advanced levels, it requires children to give up other areas of their lives. Taking one or two classes a week, training a few hours a week, or learning gymnastics with friends, is reasonable as long as you do not want to make the boy or girl an Olympic representative.

Dispenting some hoaxes about artistic gymnastics

First, both artistic gymnastics (sports in Spain) and rhythmic gymnastics suitable for both boys and girls. Since 2005, the Royal Spanish Federation allowed men to compete nationally in rhythmic gymnastics.

Extreme physical exercise can slow girls’ puberty. Both boys and girls can be susceptible to a delay in development by excessive training, extreme diets and stress associated with gymnastics. But this in extreme cases, not when taken as one more sports activity. It is scientifically proven that the body structure has a predominant hereditary character.

Despite the fact that artistic gymnastics is a high-impact sport, the chances of injuries, broken bones and serious sprains have to do with the quality of training and the qualities of the coach coach.