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sure you’ve wondered that now that I’m pregnant that you’re going to wear, how far will my tripe grow, I’ll be able to keep some of my clothes… this and other issues, besides telling you the most flattering dresses and garments we will do in this article.

Fashion for pregnant does not differ from that of women who are not. The colors, garments and trends are the same. So you can keep your own style and taste, even if you’re pregnant and look curvy with pride!

Summer Fashion 2020

If you decide to buy yourself a pair of dresses for pregnant don’t give up your own style. One of the advantages that pregnant clothes have is that you not only wear it during pregnancy, but it is also very practical in the weeks after childbirth when the tummy has not yet disappeared.

This summer mauve seems to be the must-have color. It is a cheerful and flattering color to any skin tone. So go get him. Another essential combination remains the sailor striped print. With it you should be a little careful, all according to your volume. If you want to use it the option may be to do it in preppy key. This classic never fails. And in addition to the classic black and white you can dare with red, turquoise, greens and more trends.

The happy twenties are another pattern. If you don’t feel able to risk with minis dresses, you can opt for vintage fashion or accessories from the era of the 20s. Long necklaces, pearls, feathers and glitters, a lot of shine. Summer comes loaded with sparkle on bags and shoes.

Looks curvy during pregnancy


main thing is that during pregnancy you feel comfortable in your body and in the new forms that it is acquiring. If you never wore narrow clothes you’re not going to start now, but if you did and you want to look curvy, then go ahead with it… that does try to favor the shapes of your body and tummy.

Dresses of type out shoulder, usually do not fail, and have been setting a trend for a few years. For summer the fabric is almost as important as the design and make them cotton. They are super cool and will help you fight the possible heat waves you feel when pregnant.

Shirt dresses and maxi dresses are still the ideal option. If you are already advanced and do not close the buttons, a T-shirt and jeans underneath will give you an unmistakable style and the dresses will become an overwear. Different Spanish fashion brands, department stores and very popular brands, also have their line for pregnant. One of its biggest advantages are the important discounts that make these sales dates.

A few tips for buying pregnant women’s clothes


Our advice is that before you buy you check the closet well. Sometimes we have T-shirts that we can’t and that in these months will be incredibly comfortable. Buy what you feel good with, and think about pajamas and being around. Your comfort will come first, you’ll notice.

If your work demands more formality or you simply like to feel groomed, pregnant fashion also has that line. Bibs can become a stylish garment if you know how to pair it with a beautiful shirt. In this regard shirts will help you create various looks in pregnancy.

To go to the beach you have the swimsuits, forget about those of the grandmothers, and move on to tankinis, this popular garment of bikini panties and t-shirt. And after pregnancy will come breastfeeding, where summer straps and shirt dresses are going to be the kings of your wardrobe.

Among what you should buy yourself or take into account what you have at home is shoes. For a few months you’ll forget about high heels. The middle platforms, and flat sandals are going to be your allies.