Today is world oceans day, and you’ll think it’s another day on the calendar, but it really isn’t. The oceans are essential for the life of the planet. Men, as a species, must be aware of it and preserve them. That is why it is important that you explain to your children the importance of caring for the oceans.

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In addition to fun, relaxation, joy, ocean, sea, provides us with most of the oxygen we breathe. And they absorb about 30% of the carbon dioxide produced by humans.

Oceans Day 2020, with COVID-19

Nothing that happens in this 2020 will be alien to the coronavirus. In case you didn’t know, there are various organisms that live in the extreme depths of the ocean and are used to accelerate the detection of COVID-19. It is amazing that this can be an ecosystem that could provide a solution to humanity in this health challenge. Therefore the seas are not only a source of food, protein, but they are also an essential part of medicines.

It seemed that during the confinement the ocean, and nature in general, was recovering and taking a breath from the human being. However , masks, gloves and other waste are already reaching the seas, increasing pollution, the proliferation of microplastics and the death of many animals, such as turtles and fish. Awareness your children to deposit these items where appropriate.

The UN proposal for 2020 is to carry out various activities, many of them online under the theme Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean. You can follow these events online, some are very technical, but others can see them at home, especially with teenagers. The topics to be addressed have been divided, throughout the week beginning today, into technology, systems infrastructure, resource management, consumer products, scientific exploration, and describe how innovations are applied in durable solutions.

Activities and educational resources

On the UN website, translated into Spanish, you have various educational resources that will help you explain to your children the importance of the oceans. One of them is an illustrated book for children, from the age of 6, which explains a number of strategies to keep beaches free of plastic. The pdf version in English and German can be downloaded for free, in Spanish you have to read it online. And if you want to receive it on paper, you can also request it.

You can also see a whole gallery of educational videos about the platton, its importance in our diet, the adventures of Captain Charles Moore, and others. In addition to shocking images on the bottom of the seas that are the result of a worldwide competition.

The youngest can listen and participate on 12 June in an informative panel, and debate with other young people around the world. It is an online radio program that you can access through the link on the UN website. It’s interesting that you motivate your children to listen and participate in what other young people are doing globally.

Why is it important to care for the oceans


To sum up we will tell you that this topic of ocean conservation and care can be a good topic of conversation. For you to have some facts and arguments to explain to your children, we tell you that:

  • The ocean, even if we live thousands of miles from it, directly affects the Earth’s climate, and therefore directly affects us. They are thermal regulators, absorb carbon dioxide. In addition at night they return the solar heat they absorbed during the day. Thanks to this the temperature of the planet remains more or less stable.
  • There are some 200,000 species identified at this time, but the extinction of marine species, even those that remain to be discovered, due to global warming imbalances the entire Earth’s ecosystem.
  • More than 200 million human beings live directly from fishing, and this is added to the other millions who live from water activities, tourism, researchers… think with your children about all this, and about ecological awareness.