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Do you want educational games for boys and girls around 5 years old? Well, we give you some ideas, both individual and group games. From the age of 5 children feel very autonomous. They begin to relate with affection with their friends, and they love to acetar challenges.

In addition at this time they are in the process of learning literacy, the school cards are already more complex. With these games you will acquire skills necessary for the next stage, and above all have fun. The most important thing is for a child to have fun playing, if not of any use.

Easy educational games you don’t need to save

One of the biggest problems when we come up with games with children is where do I keep another game now? Because it usually happens that we already have the shelf or the closet full. Well, we want to tell you that there are some very useful games that will help you develop your fine psychomotor, for example that you will not need to save. For example, you can play with your children to make braids. It can be with your hair, yours, that of a doll, or just three ribbons.

An educational game that will allow you to acquire a certain responsibility is that you learn to tie the knot of your shoes, or to fasten your buttons. You can practice with sneakers from Dad or mother and jackets. The most advanced ones can dare with sailor knots. This autonomy will make you feel good, capable and more confident in yourself.

Other educational games in the same line is to make necklaces, bracelets, inserting basins, macaroni or soup stars into a thread. Play Mikado or chopsticks, if you don’t have the game at home, skewers sticks, plastic straws or cotton ear buds are worth you.

Games to learn orientation in space

Learn what is near, far, up, down, front, behind, right or left can do it by playing. The game of differences. Two drawing, with the same elements but in different position. It is not that in one there is a sun and in another not. But rather that in one the sun is above the clouds, and in the other behind them. And let the child explain this difference.

Walk from room to room with a spoon with a small object inside, without dropping it, and bring it to a basket. First, you need to hold the spoon with your right hand, and then with your left hand. If you are going to put an egg in the spoon, be careful to cook it first. It is the typical educational game that you can also do to entertain children on a birthday by creating two teams.

Hide an object in the room, and let the child look for it. He can’t look for him crazy, but he has to ask you questions to find him, dude, is he under the bed? near the door? Then you can change the shift.

Educational games that improve attention and concentration

One of the most common educational games at this stage of the 5 years is learning to recognize the differences and similarities between shapes or remember a silhouette. These are the basic skills for distinguishing letters and writing them in the very near future.

What is missing game? It consists in putting on the table, or on a tray some objects. You can start with 5, let the child look at them for a few seconds, then ask him to turn around, remove something and ask him what is missing. You can add difficulty to the game. It is very important that you also allow him to remove a thing.

Play the wrong world. You can find some drawings that seem incomplete, for example a house in which there is a table with three legs, a door without a knob, a refrigerator without a door, ask the child to draw what is missing. We hope we have given you some useful and fun educational games for this summer. They’ll be very helpful for your kids back to school.