Children from 3 to 5 years are already beginning to interact with their cognitive, psychomotor and language development, values that are associated with their beginnings in school. At this stage we cannot miss the beginning of these skills and combine it with educational games so that you learn and have a great time.

Educational games for children from 3 to 5 years

The best way for them to advance their skills is with the game and whether you can be surrounded by children much better. We can find games such as painting, building, sensory, musical and to strengthen memory.

Educational games for children from 3 to 5 years

All parents like children to have fun with toys they are passionate and at the same time constructive. These toys are the classics of a lifetime but adapted even with new models and technology. With this list we set aside computers and tablets so they can know how to activate themselves in a different traditional and fun way:

Building Educational Toys

These games allow them to improve concentration with the game. They improve memory with logical gameplay and help you have much more patience with solving skill problems.


like them very much because they have fun challenges and are full of colors and shapes that attract their attention. They will improve much in the coordination hands and sight that will go hand in hand with your creativity and imagination.

Toys to start in letters and numbers

With the entry of school age they begin to make their first scores with numbers and letters. Many of these games are already adapted for children to engage with their learning and so have fun, with colorful letters games, shapes and fun projects.

Do you want to know what it brings to them? They will learn to distinguish and recognize their forms, develop their cognitive skills and facilitate their concentration. It is very good games that help to spinning some letters with others so that they learn to form their first syllables.



These puzzles are designed with animal drawings and attractive colors. They are imaginative and creative so that children’s satisfaction and fun are fulfilled.

They will have the ability to analyse, increase their patience and concentration. We like this very much to enhance that self-control that many parents want for our children.

Drawing and writing boards and tablets

Whiteboards are an excellent game for children to have the autonomy to represent their creativity through their drawings. There are whiteboards created with great attractive, typical chalk or erasable marker are left behind.

Now we have magnetic whiteboards, those created with LCD screen or glossy magic boards with which you can paint in the dark. With this type of toy children can practice their first letters and numbers and capture any drawing.

It will allow them to stimulate their visual perception thanks to the attractive colors it offers, increase concentration and thus simulate their skills learned at school.

Math Games

These toys come devised in different shapes and fun games for kids to speed up their math skills. They will love through the game how numbers learn and skill with mathematics. They are designed for children to promote their mental agility and begin to enter the world of addition and subtraction.

Musical Instruments

Instrumentos musicales

Music has always made us sensitize ourselves to their melodies. Children can start their educational support by developing the sense of rhythm and their musical sensitivity. In this way we will begin to arouse your interest in music.

They are designed with soft structures and fun eye-catching colors to make them curious to be able to touch them. They will be surprised at what they can do with their own hands and that will make them develop their coordination with the hand and eyes.