Dora la exploradora

Dora la exploradora

The series Dora la exploradora already has years of editing behind it, because in 2000 it began its transmission and did not arrive in Spain much later on channels La 1 and Clan. She quickly became a children’s television classic.

It is aimed at all preschool children and has been translated into 25 languages, broadcasting across up to 125 countries. This series stands out because its characters try to interact with their viewers, as it is the way that you capture attention and stay much better those little concepts.

Who is Dora la Explorado?

Its protagonist is Dora Márquez a 7-year-old girl, always accompanied by her friend the monkey “Botas” of 5 years and where they will explore countless adventures in each episode.

In each episode Dora and her friend ask the children who are seeing them (their viewers) to achieve a goal and solve problems and obstacles that lie along the way. Next to it we also find “Map” and “Backpack” which are two other object-characters who will also participate in their tests.

What does Dora the Explorer teach us?

It has been shown that Dora is an educational series, where apart from the values we teach a series of essential knowledge in the present educational theory of all children:

  • The series has the synopsis of solving a type of adventure. In most episodes characters must find an object in order to continue their adventure. It is here when they ask the participation of their spectators to solve mathematical operations, small skills or to scream when some kind of danger is lurking.
  • It teaches to get acquainted with English, as it is a common language that is present in the education of all children. They will learn words in a fun way, with games and short expressions.

Dora la exploradora

  • Music is also present, as it is one of the elements that always accompany children’s sensitivity. They are simple songs and repetitive phrases that help strengthen the skills and hearing of the little ones.
  • He takes a tour of different parts of the world, revealing the different cultures that surround us around the world. It will teach you to know the cultures, characters and even the typical animals that live in each country you travel.

Values that this series transmits

The values about respect are always very present in all chapters. Kindness, empathy, communicative phrases like “thank you”, “please” or “sorry” are the basic elements to have good social relations. And if we already learn it in Spanish, Dora and her friends teach us how to learn it in English.

The value of friendship is also another of the most outstanding. Dora and her friend Boots exchange great mutual support and a lot of affection. They are the clear example of solidarity and friendship in front of all the characters that appear in all their adventures.

Respect is another important value. Dora and her friends travel through other countries and cultures and always do so from great respect. They know, they are curious and always maintain their respect and confinity to others.

They show great sensitivity to the environment. Nature and animals are always present in all chapters. It is a way to sensitize how beautiful our environment can be.

In conclusion, Dora the Explorer is an educational series, loaded with great values, entertaining and with a lot of hitch for children. If you want to know a lot more about other articles about values, click on this link.