drink eating with a spoon

bebe comiendo con cuchara

When babies begin to use cutlery It’s quite a milestone. They love to be more autonomous and parents love to see their little ones grow almost without them noticing. Of course, when they start using cutlery such as a spoon or fork, it is possible that at least at first not everything is clean and tidy while eating.

It is possible that there is food everywhere except in the little one’s food. That the walls are filled with tomato, that the clothes are stained with lentils, combine a while with cutlery and another time with his hand… Whatever it is, what is clear is that your child needs you to guide him and guide him in the process of autonomy in self-feeding, but you also need for your mental health, minimize the clutter everything possible!

How to minimize disorder

When a child starts using utensils, you have to wait for meals to take longer and that the process will be more complicated. You can make cleaning easier by placing a towel or sheet under the high chair so it can be thrown into the washing machine once the feeding time ends.

You should also make sure your child is dressed in clothes that can be easily removed and thrown away. If the weather is good, you can also leave the child with a diaper and a bib alone. Although this is only possible if the temperature permits. If it’s cold you can also wear some clothes that are old or you don’t mind getting dirty.

To minimize the fuss, follow a feeding routine in which the child can get used to. Young children often thrive when things are kept as scheduled, and they are given fewer choices rather than more.