Who has a friend, has a treasure, says the popular saying. Friends can become part of the family, in some cases, they may be loved more than a person with whom you share blood ties. Friends are the family you choose, roadmates who lift you up when you fall, who know to give you advice when you need it most and tell you things that you don’t like to hear, deep down is the best thing for you.

Children generally have ease to make friends, even those children who are most shy or those who have some kind of problem socially related, such as ASD children. Somehow they attract other children, in that healthy way that is often lost when they reach adulthood. Naturalness, simplicity, not trying to be someone else, is what makes children attracted to other like-minded children, which makes friendship easily emerge.

Is it necessary to have friends?

The human being is social by nature, we are “configured” to relate to other people and somehow, we need to have emotional stability. To a greater or lesser extent, all people need such human contact, although it cannot be said that it is friendship. Because for adults, the experience of life is a condition when it comes to making friends.

Disappointments and experiences lived, cause many people to be afraid to open up to other people. Fear of trusting someone who might make him suffer as in the past. But children don’t have this feeling. Sor innocence and their lack of experience makes them entrusted and this is one of the best features of childhood. The lack of prejudices of children makes them the best friends.

Therefore, is it necessary for children to have friends? because it will depend a little on each child, but to a large extent it is. It is not just about having playmates, but rather about creating a bond of friendship. Friendly relations allow the child to develop emotionally. It also helps them acquire different values, such as solidarity, understanding, empathy or love.