Chest changes pregnancy

If you are reading this article it is because you want to conceal your pregnancy. Whatever cause it is, sometimes it is to not rush to announce it , especially when we have already had losses. Others because we are waiting to reunite the family, the legacy of a special date, for labor matters or many other circumstances.

We propose some ideas to alleviate the symptoms of pregnancy or even disguise the gut, when you don’t want to give the news of that baby who is already on the way.

Say no to alcohol, coffee and other foods

Drinking a glass of wine or a beer is completely accepted in our society. If you’re the one you usually do it with your friends and suddenly one day you switch to beer 00, or sparkling water and lemon (which serves to counteract nausea), questions may fall right away.

The best thing is to tell them that you don’t feel very well on that day and that you prefer not to drink any alcohol. Another excuse that works is to say that you are taking antibiotics for a specific issue and that they are incompatible. If you use the excuse of the diet, and that you are following it to rajatabla they will also believe it.

Once a friend told us something wonderful, she told us that she had made a bet and that if for a month she didn’t taste even a degree of alcohol her partner would take her to Paris, and so she did… but two years after her baby was born.

The truth is that it is the ideal time to try non-alcoholic fruit blended like the famous Bloody Mary. Maybe for you the great effort is not so much with alcohol, but with coffee. In that case say that you are reducing the dose so that you can rest better and see if you get unhooked at once! It will also serve as an excuse for that dream that will accompany you throughout the day. This is a good time to move on to the Roibos.

And with sausages or sushi, thesame happens a little, if they were not on your diet no one will notice that they are missing, but if you had breakfast toast with ham the first to notice it will be your usual waiter or waitress.

Clothes to conceal pregnancy

It depends on the constitution of the woman who soon loses her waist, and her breasts begin to grow. It’s all going to happen to us but some are barely noticeable in the fifth month and others already look gut in the second month. If you are one of the ones that changes are very obvious, we give you some options to disguise the gut.

Wear clothes that fits you well, and that doesn’t fit too much in the belly area. Dresses and cross t-shirts are an ideal resource and also don’t go out of fashion, you’re sure to have some in the closet. Empire dresses, crossed, or A-cut, conceal very well. Straight, wide or puffed pants arethe best options. Remember that at night is the most noticeable tummy.

As for colors it is better if you wear dark colors such as black, navy blue or chocolate. You can also use prints, or camouflages that disorient a lot.

To disguise that chest that has already grown too much avoid V-shaped necks, and replace it for high necks, if it is winter, or squares.

Add-ons that help to disguise

A good trick to conceal pregnancy, and for people to look, almost without wanting to your trypite is to wear accessories, necklaces or large earrings. If you do this, most likely, attention will be focused on them and look at you closer to the face.

We have the large shoulder bags, which help camouflage the gut, or backpacks put in front.

Start feeling comfortable with your flat shoes. You can say that you have finally discovered a brand with a wonderful design, or that you no longer stand as much as before those heels you like so much.

All these tips are for the first months, but do not forget that the trends of maternity clothing is changing. Here is an article about maternity fashion.