Routines and structure play a crucial role in developing motivation in your children. It gives them safety and emotional comfort because they know what to expect at different certain times. Routines and structure are necessary in family life for both parents and children.

Having established routines in family life eliminates most conflicts. Take the homework, for example. Let’s say you have an established routine for your children to do their homework every night between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. There will be no home-related conflicts, because it’s simply “the way we do things in this family.”

But in a family without routines, making sure children do their homework becomes a daily battle. Of course, even occasionally established routines will need to be reinforced or modified. For example, from time to time you may have to say something like, “When you’ve completed your task, you can go to Luisa’s house.”

To create a homework routine, it is a good idea to establish a small part of the house as a study area. Having a distraction-free area of study will help your children develop a homework routine.

You can also help your children if you also spend that time period doing their own “homework.” This could be paying bills, taking a course on the Internet or reading a book to learn about a new topic.

Routines and structure is not only good for schoolwork,responsibilities at home should also be accompanied by routines. In this way, children will learn what they have to do each day because they know what is expected of them at each moment. Think about what kind of routines and structure will be best for your home!