torre de aprendizaje cocina

Kids are like learning sponges and need you and your wisdom to learn great things and develop to the fullest the same happens with language. But in addition to you, everyday activities are ideal for increasing your young child’s vocabulary without just realizing that they are doing it.


‘t miss these activities that you can do with your children right now to help them improve their language.

Cooking together

Cooking offers many opportunities in language. Here you have the opportunity to encourage language development while preparing something delicious to eat. Counting, weighing and measuring are part of a baking experience.

Baking cookies with soft dough for rolling and cutting is probably one of the best baking activities for preschoolers. After you have baked the cookies, you can be creative and decorate with glaze and chocolate chips.

Building Toys Choose building

toys that are appropriate for your age. Lego is brilliant, but perhaps your preschooler will feel more comfortable with blocks. Construction toys give you the opportunity to talk about size and shape. Use building toys to follow the instructions and build towers or castles. Then play with what you’ve built.

Sensory and play trays with sand

Sensory vocabulary is developed by games with sand and sensory trays. A sensory tray filled with different objects encourages language as your child touches and talks about the elements in the tray.

Choose things with texture and different sizes. Mix them to classify experiences. Look for things like buttons, corks, pebbles, pasta, blocks and lego. A sandbox under the shade of a tree is always a topic of conversation and an opportunity to dig, build and play with sand toys.