We know the importance of the disuse of much of the disposable plastic that we end up buying and that we have to throw away because we don’t know what to do with it. We know that this is already causing a great polluting impact on nature and we are doing our best to ensure that this phenomenon does not happen.

Crafts with plastic bottles

For families who like to do crafts with their children we have several proposals to make useful things recycling plastic bottles. Children will love to be a participant in this skill and we will all end up happy to have done something useful, as a great gift for us or to give, but with the great detail of being able to have a second use of that plastic.

Sweetceros with plastic bottles

This craft is very original and you can see its step in detail here.

Its materials:

  • Plastic bottle
  • Eva rubber.
  • Special glue for eva.
  • Printed Cardboard

We cut the bases of the plastic bottles and cover all areas with the foam. You have to make the ornaments by looking closely at the details of the photo. The cover of the candles is made with the same eva rubber. You will be amazed at the number of ways you can do with this craft.

Practical Purses

Monederos prácticos

This craft is easy to make because it does not carry many materials.

Its materials:

  • 2 x Plastic Bottles
  • Zippered
  • Glue

We’ll need two bottles because we need the bottom. We make the same measure of the two lower parts and cut them out. With the glue we glue the two parts so that they are joined together. If you have a sewing machine that has strength, they can place the zipper by sewing it instead of using the glue.

A bird’s nest

With the bottle trimmed and joining both pieces we can make a bird’s nest. You can see the craft here.


  • empty soda or water bottles
  • tempera paint or acrylic water paint
  • stickers or any ornament
  • colorless and dull varnish
  • silicone glue type
  • pencil to make drawings
  • marker to mark the guidelines
  • colored markers to decorate the surface
  • a small pompom to decorate the nose

Cut the bottom of the bottle and the top so that they can then both fit and make the shape of the birdhouse. In the lower part we’ll make a hole for the entrance.

We paint the pieces of white glue so that the acrylic black paint can be later pasted. We decorate to our liking or as in the photo the whole house and place the small details. Finally we join both pieces with glue and we will have our craft ready.

Piggy Bank

Hucha con forma de cerdito

We cut both parts of the bottle together and make the shape of this funny animal. Look at the craft step by step here.


  • A plastic bottle
  • special paint for plastic
  • plastic plugs
  • glue
  • cardboard or cardboard for ears
  • plastic eyes

We cut off the bottom of the bottle and the top. We attach both pieces with glue making the shape of the piggy bank. We paint the piggy bank with the paint.

We place the plugs simulating the muzzle and legs, we will also paint them.

We cut out the ears and prepare the eyes. We’ll stick all these pieces on the face. Finally make the opening to put the coins in.

Original Lanterns

Farolillos originales

A nice way to have some lanterns with very economical materials. Look at the craft here.


  • Plastic Bottle
  • Cutter
  • Cardboard
  • Silicone on Gun
  • Carpenter or Carpenter Tape
  • Metallic Spray
  • Paint Metallic Brush
  • Paint

  • Star Shaped Piercing
  • Brush

  • Scissors
  • LED Candle

We cut the bottle in half. We cut out a piece of circular cardboard to place it on its base. With a star-shaped punch we make the perforations in the upper part of the bottle. We paint all the details with the metallic paint.

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