ayudar a comer fruta a los pequeños

help to eat fruit to the little ones

If there is something that will allow us this Christmas, it is to experiment with the kitchen at home. As we will be longer at home, we will also have more time to make Christmas recipes as a family. Children in the house may participate in them, And if they are lucky enough to live with grandparents, they will know all the secrets of their cooking.

We will give you some recipes for appetizers, desserts and Christmas dishes that you can prepare as a family. The recommendation is that before you do it for the first time on Christmas Eve or Christmas Eve, do it a few days earlier. Do you have the apron ready yet? Well, to the kitchen.

Very easy Christmas appetizers

We give you some very easy proposals to make, so that your children, even if they are young, can help prepare them. Snacks are small dishes, most of the time savory, and you can present them either in the center of the table, or a small varied dish for each.

If you are well suited, and you have the right molds, you can prepare the puff pastry at home. But if your children are interested in making the dish, then we recommend buying ready-made tartlets or volovanes. There are different sizes. The children will only have to fill them up. A very original idea is to fill them with salmon and tangerine, something very simple that will excite the little ones.

Another very simple recipe are volovanes, also serve tartlets, stuffed with cooked ham, mixed with spreads cheese. This cheese can be natural, with nuts, fine herbs, whatever you want, and decorate it at the end with spun egg. Children can share the work, one stuffed and another prepares the mixture, for example.

Christmas recipes in the shape of Christmas

If your kids don’t like to try too many new things and you don’t want to risk going to bed at Christmas without dinner, you can prepare the recipes you usually make at home, but with a Christmas twist.

For example, you can make the same pizza, with the taste that they like best, but in the form of a tree, Christmas. To do this you only have to use the scissors and your pulse. For children to help you you can entrust them with the task of spreading the tomato, putting the ingredients, and decorating it. Just a few drops of tomato will make some great Christmas balls.

A cauliflower, cooked whole, or broccoli, can be turned into an excellent Christmas stand, in which the garlands are strips of bell pepper, black olives, canned tuna, and cherry tomatoes to finish this salad recipe. and who resists a snowman made with mashed potatoes! Of course, it will have to be very thick so that it does not spread on me on the plate.

Christmas dessert recipes for making with children

And now the recipe for a dessert, as it should be. This recipe can be made with the little ones, and if it is older children, they themselves will give you the surprise of having made an exquisite cake of nuts and honey, not suitable for diabetics.

This is a different sponge cake than what we’re used to. First we need to preheat the oven to 180 degrees and warn the kids not to approach. In a bowl mix 100 grams of sugar, flour and yolks of 3 eggs, together with 45 grams of chopped walnuts. Your children can separate the yolks from the whites and make this mixture, which is uncomplicated.

Then you need to melt butter and honey in a saucepan, and attach to the previous mixture. All this is added in the baking dish. We leave it to bake for 25 minutes at about 200 degrees. And ready! We already have a very sweet Christmas. One of the advantages of this sponge cake is that it is preserved very well, if they don’t eat it all the same day!