family eating christmas dinner

This year We can’t get together at the Christmas table with as many family and friends as we would like, But this will not remove illusion, desire and rich recipes on the table. We propose a balanced Christmas menu that serves all ages, both children, grandparents and adults.

Especially we have valued that it is nutritious, suitable for all tastes and very appetizing to the eye, and you know what they say: that you first eat with your eyes. In this Christmas menu you can include some appetizers, or accompaniment of vegetables and vegetables, which should never be missing.

Christmas menu with first fish

We propose you as an inaugural dish of fish. A simple and very nutritious dish is the ceviche de ceviche de ceviche de ceviche, although its taste may not appeal to the little ones. When preparing a ceviche as part of the Christmas menu, it is better to use frozen fish,than descongeles to prepare it. Create a maceration of tight, not squeezed lime, coriander, very fine red onion, chili pepper and salt. In this juice soak fish, corvina, octopus, hake, raw and in very thin strips or squares. Unworry and let it macerate.

A fish dish that children like very much is fish pie, because it does not have thorns and is very soft. To do this cut the fish into cubes, salt and cook it with onions, and a little natural tomato sauce. Some people add a little brandy and flambes it for 2 or 3 minutes.

When tempered it is mixed with eggs and milk and put into the oven in a rectangular pan with a little butter or olive oil. At 40 minutes, 180 degrees, it’ll be ready. You can decorate the cake with poppy seeds, which provide the vegetable protein that is needed at any age.

Chicken or turkey breasts stuffed with ham and cheese

This dish doesn’t have much complication, so your kids can help you in cooking. It can be eaten hot or cold, so it can be on the table from the beginning. Chicken or turkey meat likes almost every child, and older ones, because it is very easy to chew.

You need turkey or chicken breast fillets and slices of cooked ham and cheese. To make the sauce you need onions, bay leaf, dry smelly wine to your taste, oil, salt and pepper. You can ask your children to include a cooked ham and cheese slice in each steak and make a roll. With a thread you can spin it, or use a net as a bundle.


is necessary to brown it everywhere in a saucepan, with oil, salo and bay leaf. When it is all golden add the chopped onion and wine and let the alcohol evaporate. To this you add a glass of water and half a cubit, and for 30 minutes lol let it cook. When everything is tender you take it out, and you already decide whether you want it cold or hot.

For dessert, mango cream

menú navidad

We offer you a very colorful, sweet and eye-catching dessert. Kids will love it for its taste, and the elderly for the healthy, and is that it provides vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, fiber and helps defenses, it is cold mango cream decorated with mint and red fruits. Ice cream can also be served.

The ingredients are: mangoes, milk, sugar, extra virgin olive oil, eggs. And to decorate: wafers, vanilla, currants, blueberries, mint leaves… It is also a very easy recipe in which children can collaborate. Peel and chop the handles to put them in the mixer. When they are beaten add the eggs, sugar, vanilla and again to beat everything.

Then heat milk in a saucepan and add the puree in the blender. Simmer you stir until it starts to thicken. Now pass it to different glasses and let them cool. When it is totally cold you can move them to the fridge, or to the freezer. To decorate the glasses or bowls you can use red fruits and mint, which will make a lot of color contrast.