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May 13 is Children’s Day Hospitalized. Because, beyond COVID-19, children suffer from other diseases. Many of them require hospitalization, and even if they are in the hospital they maintain their rights, guaranteed by the European Charter of the Rights of Hospitalized Children. The state of alarm does not diminate any of them at all. Including the right of parents to be and accompany the child.

The goal of Hospital Children’s Day is to mobilize and raise awareness about hospitalized children. It wants to contribute to the humanization of hospitals, so that the days they should be there is as bearable as possible.

Actions during Hospital Children’s Day

For several years this day has been celebrated with a kisses al air launch campaign from hospitals in Spain, and this 2020 will not be different. This is the seventh year that is celebrated and 200 hospitals are going to participate.

In addition from 20:10 hours there will be an online solidarity concert through several social media accounts, organized by the Atresmedia Foundation in collaboration with Fundación AXA. Among the artists who will perform is Conchita and the Bombai group. Both have among their repertoire two songs chosen as the official ones of this day, a sea of kisses and round kisses.

Tonight the program La Roulette de la Suerte Solidaria will be replenished, in it participated ambassadors Pilar Rubio, El Monaguillo and Marrón. And the money they earned went entirely to hospitalized children.

For its part, the Corte Inglés has also donated toys for children from the hospital in Albacete. And in Seville, the Pediatrics service of the Hospital de Valme has created a story for children hospitalized in times of Covid 19. The aim of this illustrated story is to provide children with adequate information about the exceptional safety measures that are carried out on the same floor. At the same time, these children are intended to be accustomed to new prevention habits, since most of them live outside the confinement situation.

European Charter for Hospitalized Children

The European Charter for Hospitalized Children was signed on 13 May by the EU countries in 1986 . Those who later added also took care of it, and as its title states, in 20 reasons, the rights of these children.

All those involved, health equipment, hospital equipment, parents, guardians, society and children themselves do to maintain it. One of the principles on which this Charter is based is that hospitalizations should be as short as possible, daytime and without financial burden on parents, whenever possible with other children.


the duration of hospitalization, the child continues to have the right to play and to continue his or her teaching process. The child has the right to receive information about his/her illness, treatment and the prospects for it. The doctor is obliged to give it to you in the terms in which it is understandable to him. In addition, parents are guaranteed the right to receive support and counselling in order, inter alia, to accept with the least possible distress what they are having to live.

The child has the right to adequate space

We will have noticed that the children’s areas of hospitals are much more cheerful and colorful than the rest. This is not accidental. This same European Charter states that children have the right to have furnished and equipped premisesso that they meet their care and education needs. They must have access to games, books and audiovisual media that are appropriate and adapted to their age.

In general, various multidisciplinary teams work to enable children to carry out therapeutic and play activities. They also have the right to be hospitalized with other children. It is necessary to avoid hospitalization among adults.