children's fashion for boys and girls in summer

All parents like to see how our children are well dressed and how the clothes we have chosen for them will feel great. Fashion is an essential part in people’s lives and that, since children is already noticeable. Today there are many catalogues and catwalks of children’s clothing that parents love to see to think what kind of clothes or style we will wear to our little ones. But children’s fashion, in addition to following the trends for this summer it is necessary to take into account the interests and tastes of your children.

Today I want to talk to you about the trends that will wear the most this summer, so if you want to buy new clothes for your children you can have a little orientation on what is going to wear the most. This way you will know where you need to go when you enter the clothing store without feeling that feeling of confusion about the doubt: What do I buy you like and is comfortable and practical?

Adult clothes in miniature

I don’t know how successful it is, but many parents love to see their miniature clothes on children. More and more designers have decided that children should have comfortable but also stylish clothes, so they propose that fashionable children’s clothing, accessories and trends that exist be copied from adult magazines.

There are many designers who bet on making another children’s fashion, different from the one we are used to… for this, in the stores you will start to see children’s clothing but also sections of children’s clothing that looks like adult miniature. Do you like the idea?

General trends in children’s fashion for this summer

Many fashion houses have preferred to use fabrics with colorful prints and indistinct patterns that resemble watercolor drawings, the colors that will most wear this summer in children’s fashion will be colors inclined by natural colors such as beige, cream, light blue, sand color and brown color. Embroidery, lace, fringe and ribbons will also form an important part of girls’ fashion.

Trousers that transform

Another children’s fashion trend that has been all year round and that will continue during the summer are trousers that transform into shorts and are ideal for summer. Kids can go stylish with their long pants and suddenly change them to shorts depending on the situation in which they are.

Fabrics and textures

Textures such as linen or cotton do not go out of fashion and will be used in much of the garments. Although one of the most popular materials is cotton based velvet, it is an ideal material for children to feel comfortable all the time and also look very stylish and stylish.

Materials such as silk or cashmere are also ideal for summer. Knitwear remains popular and just as it has been an ideal textile throughout the year, it will remain so during the summer.

The colors

As I pointed out above the colors that choose by nature will always be welcome colors in children’s fashion and are also trend for this summer. But it should also be borne in mind, according to the designers, the colors that are chosen for children’s fashion should be chosen depending on the age of the boy or girl at that time. This should be so due to the peculiarities of the nervous system.

For preschool children the recommended color for children’s fashion are warm colors. You can introduce white and black colors with brightly colored decorations or fashion accessories such as a handkerchief, a belt,… as they grow and depending on the circumstances.

Do not forget that good taste depends not only on adults and that children should also have the opportunity to be able to choose the clothes they like best (from the options you put on) so that they feel in control of the clothes they wear. So, little by little you will be teaching him a good taste when it comes to dressing.

Some styles

There are some styles that are very well to be able to keep in mind when it comes to dressing boys and girls. These are styles that will mark your dress and that will go well with your adventurous personality that goes according to the children’s age.

Style for girls

This summer girls can wear modern clothes that are inspired by nature. Animals, plants and flowers are ideal for beautiful prints. You can also incorporate clothes with prints of sea creatures so that greenish and bluish colors provide a fresher look. Animals such as jellyfish, seahorses, corals and koi fish are the most prominent.

Style for children

Children will also have a modern style where graphic expressions are ideal and very inspiring. They can have a traveler or also marine style. Fashion with natural, tropical, travel and striking colors will be safe bets for men’s children’s clothing.

All these trends are ideal to take into account in the different styles of children’s and girls’ clothing. The most casual and urban clothes or the most festive clothes and for special moments fit into all these trends, they will simply be very different designs according to the end intended for each clothes.

Once you have reached this point, you could have got an idea of what are the trends for this summer 2016 in children’s fashion, so you already know what you are going to find in stores and what kind of clothes is the best fit for your little ones or not so little ones in the house.