As the little ones grow, no doubt, they will need a space of their own to do their chores and play.

In this way we have the desks , which on the market we find them in different models, colors and sizes. On this occasion we present you two models.

The first is a ‘crocodile’ desk with 3 shelves and rounded finishes. There are silkscreen figures and embossed shapes where the notch comes in the form of a crocodile that serves as bookends.

Work surface: 85 x 58 cm with a total height 78 cm This lacquer is non-toxic and ultra-resistant. To assemble oneself. It has a gaming seat available.

And this is the ‘kindergarten’ desk, with 2 large compartments and 2 removable pencil jars. It has a work surface: 85 x 48.5 cm, total height 77 cm, work surface height 65 cm, width 85 cm

Also the paint is lacquered, non-toxic and ultra-resistant. To arm it yourself!