Children, how to recover energy after confinement

There are countless cases that after the deconfinement you have heard that, it is a long battle to face the fatigue we drag after being locked up at home. Children go out to play in the parks and return defeated. Some even with little play time are already looking forward to coming home.

It was as a rule to note that children were tired of being at home and many of them were anxious to go out into the street. But not with all the desire to go out on the street can we with the inactivity that the body has suffered. You have to exercise activity and recover energy after confinement gradually and not abruptly.

How to recover energy after confinement

The best way not to reach this point was to have followed during confinement an almost daily exercise routine or at least three times a week, and many children have not fulfilled it. Parents cannot be controlling all the situations around them 100 by 100 and their routine is also affected, not being able to think about what is right objectively.

Surely there would be children who at night would not rest well and that affected their daily activity, being tired during the day. Having started a small daily exit can be a great climb, but it will activate the body again, even if they become very tired.

Nights will surely return to normal when they are exhausted. With regularized sleep hours children will no longer feel so tired. Sleeping more and better will increase energy during the day. But this is a fact that will be controlled little by little, even with the deconfinement some children will not get to have their sleep schedule controlled.

If the child is tired and does not want to get out, you simply need to give him time. A simple walk will relax and bring your constants back to normal. It is not necessary to slow down even if it is simple, nor lower the constancy.

Why are children so tired?

It is a fact that not only happens in children, it happens equally in adults. In general, people with responsibilities have lived this confinement with great concern and stress on the body, which has led us to be exhausted.

We’ve taken another kind of routine, being locked up at home, leading us to be less exposed to sunlight. Being longer in front of a screen and consuming news that generated anxiety has led to feeling more tired.

We must also understand that it is 60 days of confinement during which the body has been practically untrained. Movements and displacements have decreased and with deconfinement we must adapt the body to another new mode of activity, therefore, we must recover that energy optimally.

There are people who have followed along with their children a daily exercise table, but even with all the effort, the body does not manage to metabolize some components naturally. Our body has not been able to assimilate and recycle lactic acid in the same way and that led to fatigue and muscle weakness.

Not sleeping well has been one of the triggers that many children have not been able to congeniate with their body. Getting into bed without being tired makes you fall asleep differently. Children have to perform their daily and everyday exercises to get tired and regulate their sleep cycle naturally.

However, even if partial confinement lengthens, we must not lower our guard with our children. Practice the way to do different activities every day, read, listen to music, dance, and even play with new challenges and skills. Taking a healthy diet is also one of the best keys. An active and healthy brain will help you not feel so tired.