Childbirth at home

Many women dream of the possibility of having a childbirth at home, in a much warmer, cozy and familiar atmosphere. Although it may seem somewhat risky, taking into account the relevant precautions may be an option to consider. Giving birth in your home allows you to be in a calmer environment, where you yourself can prepare details that will make your birth even more special.

But for this idea to become a reality, it is essential that some essential requirements be met. Otherwise, your baby’s health and your own may be severely compromised. Therefore, if you are thinking about having a birth at home, you need to consider all these points.

Home delivery, an option for everyone?

No, let alone home delivery is an option for every pregnant woman. On the one hand, most women prefer to give birth in a hospital, surrounded by doctors, instruments and drugs. This is in no case questionable, every woman has the right to decide what she wants to do. Regardless of the decision, the most important thing is that it always be done from maturity, foreseeing possible complications and organizing to the smallest detail so that any eventuality can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Once you decide that you want to give birth at home, you should know that your pregnancy must meet certain requirements so that this is possible without taking significant risks.

Let’s see what are the essential requirements for having a home birth.

A normal pregnancy

To begin with, it is necessary that all your pregnancy has passed normally and that once delivery has arrived, you are between weeks 37 and 41 of gestation. With less than 37 weeks, childbirth is considered to be at risk for the baby to be born prematurely. From week 41 there may be risks due to lack of amniotic fluid, infections, etc. In addition:

  • The baby can not have suffered any health complications during pregnancy
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  • Do not have a multiple pregnancy , in this case there is a risk of premature birth that requires in any case of hospitalization
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  • The baby should be placed in the appropriate position to the time of childbirth. That is, once the time has come to give birth, the baby’s head should be placed in the pelvis. Otherwise, it is a delivery with a high risk of complications.
  • Not having given birth by cesarean section in previous deliveries. Since this increases the likelihood that it will happen again in subsequent deliveries.

In addition, you should assess your own health throughout your pregnancy. If you have taken too much weight or if you are overweight before pregnancy, if you have had high stress problems during pregnancy, diabetes problems, or any other health problems. In this case, most likely, you will have to give birth in a hospital. It will be the safest option for yourself and your child.

How to prepare for a home birth

You’ll need a qualified person to assist you in your delivery, a midwife or a doula that can help you bring your child into the world. Choose the right person well weeks before the time of childbirth, you need to fully trust that person and feel comfortable with her. Also, this person should have contacts with the hospital or some medical service, as you may need it.

Do not forget to prepare a possible urgent visit to the hospital, as childbirth can get ahead and have to change plans at the last minute. Take care of having a car nearby and someone who can take you to the hospital. Try to have your mobile phones well in case you need to contact the emergency department and have the hospital bag prepared if necessary.

You should also tell your midwife or doctor who is following your pregnancy, in case there are any problems during these weeks that could compromise home delivery.