When you have a few days ahead to spend with children you can always consider beautiful plans. Today is the day “Hanging out with children on excursion to the mountains” and there is no better way than to celebrate it with a getaway. Because with children you can also do this kind of activities to enjoy all together.

excursion with children

Surely you feel fearful with these types of proposals, since the issue of safety or tiredness makes us think that we have less freedom to enjoy a day on the mountain. But there is nothing like trying and we can make it practical and especially fun for them.

Plan your excursion to the mountains

Surely the initiative to go out to the mountain has become that little illusion to be able to enjoy a special day. Everyone in his family is responsible for planning the type of activity in relation to the age of children. We know that in order to date babies we have to carry them with a baby carrier. If you prefer to know what is the right age to date children, we have to say that from the age of three children are already more manageable and even, they themselves are already curious about what surrounds them.


  • is necessary to choose the appropriate activity and itinerary according to the age of the child. Planning days ago is important. It is always ideal to look for short places, where some river passes, enough forest and shade if it is very hot and where there is a beautiful composition of various elements of landscape.
  • To find out what kind of routes may exist in your area, you can view this page where books are recommended that may match the place you are going to visit. Or you can visit “Mountain with children” where they tell you about the different planned routes that exist to go with children. You can also read one of our articles explaining what natural parks are like and how to enjoy them with children.
  • Make a map to your size of the placeyou are going to visit, from before, on paper. If it can be make another map so that children can also follow, with drawings and important points. In this way, you complete the fun and feel more empathy with planning.
  • An alternative plan had to be planned, it could be possible for children to become tired or vulnerable to inclement weather. It is important that they do not have a bad time, if they are not comfortable they will not want to repeat the experience.
  • Collect all kinds of material you will need in advance . Charge yourself with a backpack with all the planned material, carry clothes that children may need, easy food to carry, plenty of water, compasses, GPS, some small medicine cabinet, mobile phone with well charged battery…
  • Make the excursion as fun as possible. Kids love to feel free is the outdoor spaces, they just want to play and play and whether it can be curious. Parents can also be that great point of support, they can explain what surrounds them and what is part of nature. You can explain the cycle of a flower, the life of a bee, how a frog lives, etc.
  • Children can also have fun if they carry a bag to collect all the beautiful things they find, which can be their little treasures. Pignitas, small stones, snails, plants… they’ll love having a nice souvenir to tell.

And what is most important about an excursion with children is to have patience at every moment, not to be nervous and rest as often as necessary. Make a creative visualization and anticipate what can happen, and it’s sure to be much more bearable if the route is done with more children and their families.