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If you are an athlete or would like to start taking care of yourself when you find out that you are pregnant, it is normal to have doubts about whether it is good or not to do sports in your state. Today we want to help you clarify certain doubts about whether you can exercise while pregnant.

Exercise can be done while pregnant

The answer is yes, albeit with nuances. If you have a normal pregnancy in principle you can exercise, adapted to your condition obviously. It has many benefits to do sports in pregnancy that I will tell you below. However, consult your doctor if in your case you can exercise and what would be right for you. Every woman is different and not all pregnancies are equal.

Many people take their hands to their heads when they see a pregnant woman exercise. The truth is that there is nothing wrong, but quite the opposite, provided that there is no problem that prevents it. It has been proved that not only exercise is good for the mother, but also for the baby. Heart rate is much more stable in babies from mothers who have exercised at least 3 times a week than those who have done nothing.

Exercises that come very well during pregnancy are low-impact exercises (e.g. walking) and gentle exercises such as pilates or yoga adapted for pregnancy. We must avoid sudden, intense exercises or where you can get injured, and look better for those that are more fluid and gentle. Drink water, rest between sets and do not force our body or load weights. If you feel bad during the exercise, leave it. Follow your intention, exercise has to make you feel good and not exhausted.

We must take into account when choosing the exercise our preferences and habits. If you’ve never exercised you can start walking and if you were already exercising you can adapt it to your state especially when the months pass and your belly grows more. Cycling is also great until the fifth month, when your belly can get you unbalanced. Swimming is another very good exercise and is low impact. Analyze your preferences and choose according to your tastes.

Exercise in pregnancy

We already know the benefits that sport has in our body and mind. It makes us more active, lowers anxiety levels, increases or maintains bone density, improves flexibility, reduces the feeling of tiredness, regulates blood pressure, releases endorphins and improves your physical endurance among other benefits. You may already exercise before or you would like to start taking care of yourself with pregnancy to recover before pregnancy. Whatever your situation you want to read this article.

With a pregnancy our body begins to change from the moment the fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus. They begin a series of hormonal changes to prepare the life that is growing inside us. The first changes are not visible at all, but the machinery has already been put into operation.

Exercise will significantly improve your pregnancy back pain, make you feel better, allow you to recover sooner, increase the amount of oxygen in your body and your baby, help you prevent stretch marks, reduce the risk of gestational diabetes, make you feel better, improve your cardiovascular system, will help you control weight, prepare your body for childbirth and help you rest better. All are advantages!

If you have any questions about whether the sport you do or want to do is good for your baby, consult your doctor. It is the one that will best tell you depending on your particular case whether it is suitable or not, or better to change it for a softer one.

Because remember… exercising regularly is very good for both you and your baby, as long as your doctor doesn’t indicate otherwise.