Until a few years ago cow’s milk was a fundamental food in the diet of any person, whether adult or child. However to this day, there are some alternatives to such a drink as is the case with vegetable milks. The most famous are oats, almonds or soy.

Faced with this, many mothers are at the junctive of continuing to give their children the cow’s milk of a lifetime or opt for popular vegetable drinks. Although it may seem a lie, vegetable milks as is the case with oatmeal milk, has its pros and cons as it happens in the case of cow’s milk.

Is oatmeal milk healthy?

If you choose to give your child oatmeal milk, you should know that there are both positive and negative aspects regarding this type of drink.

  • Oat milk is low in saturated fatsand its consumption helps maintain good cholesterol levels. In this regard it is much healthier than cow’s milk, especially if the child has weight problems.
  • On the contrary, oat milk has quite high levels of sugars and carbohydrates. This is harmful to the child as digestion of it is quite slow and in some cases can cause certain problems at the digestive or intestinal level.
  • Unlike what happens with cow’s milk, oat milk is low in protein. If you decide therefore to opt for oat milk, you should look for a source that provides the amount of protein that the little one needs to eat daily.
  • Another negative aspect of oat milk is that it contains little amount of vitamins and minerals. In most cases, these nutrients are added to milk in an artificial way. These are two types of nutrients that can never be missing in the children’s diet.

Pros and Cons of Cow’s Milk

As with oatmeal milk, va milk has its good things and their bad things.

  • Please note that cow’s milk is rich in protein, calcium and vitamins. These nutrients are essential for the child to grow and develop smoothly. Therefore, the nutritious character of cow’s milk is much higher than that of oatmeal milk,
  • Against it should be noted that cow’s milk contains a large number of saturated fats that are not good for the heart. In addition, the usual consumption of cow’s milk is bad for cholesterol.
  • If cow’s milk contains lactose, it can cause certain digestive problems. In this case it is much better to opt for cow’s milk without any lactose and promote the digestion of the small.

Oatmeal milk or cow’s milk?

Oatmeal milk has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years due to several favorable aspects. It is very similar to skimmed milk in relation to the nutrients it contains. In addition to it oat milk does not contain lactose, so it is perfect for digestion of the small.

However there are other negative aspects to keep in mind such as the little amount of protein, calcium and iron it has. These nutrients are essential for any child as they are key to their growth.

Pediatricians therefore advise that children drink cow’s milk in the first years. The consumption of this type of milk provides a series of nutrients that the small needs to have an optimal development. Over the years, you can alternate cow’s milk with oats and get certain benefits from it.