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Manual Breast Pump

The need to express milk from the mother’s breasts is common and depends to a great extent on each mother. Usually, if a mother goes back to work and wants to continue giving her baby breast milk, she has no choice but to pump. This can be done with a manual breast pump.

how to use an manual breast pumps

If I had to point out two possible advantages of the manual breast pump over the electric pump, I would say they were: on the one hand, the weight (the manual pump will be much lighter) and the noise (since there is no motor, the noise is reduced). But beyond that, I’ll stick with the electric one.

If you haven’t read why I prefer an electric breast pump, I invite you to read it first.

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How does a manual breast pump work?

The operation of breast pumps is exactly the same. As it is manual, you can adjust the rate of extraction to your liking.

You will position the funnel on your chest and start to squeeze the “knob” that lifts the current manual breast pumps.

At first, your milk may not come out. This is because the breast first needs some stimulation to start secreting milk. After about 2 minutes, the milk will start to come out and fall into the container with the pump.

In about an hour you will have a full container (this depends on many factors and may take less or more time).

What is important to consider when buying a manual breast pump?

When buying a manual breast pump, there are some factors that can make you choose one or another model. As I always say, every mother is a world and you will have to choose the one that best suits your needs, but here are some guidelines to help you decide:

The size

Breast pump funnels for weight can be of different sizes. They should not be too big or too small to avoid problems. The size of your funnel does not depend on the size of the breast but on the nipple.

It is a bit complex to get the size right the first time, so I recommend that you have two funnel sizes so you can use the one that best suits you. In fact, sometimes the mom may have to change the funnel from one breast extraction to another depending on the breast we are sucking on.

The Weight

Always a lightweight breast pump I think has advantages over one that is a “hulk”. It also depends on where you plan to make the extraction. If you are going to be at home in the living room you can use a larger one but if for example you want to do it in the bedroom while the child sleeps then surely a small one will be better for you. Or if you want to travel with him, it is clear that the most portable will be the best alternative for you.

Easy to clean

This is something we don’t think about when we buy a manual breast pump but for me it is important. Look at the amount of parts it has and if it is dismantled well. See if they have edges or areas that are difficult to clean. What we want is that after the extraction, the breast pump is clean with the least possible effort.

Price of manual breast pumps

The price of the manual sacalehes is usually around 40-60 euros. Depending on the brand they can be a little cheaper or a little more expensive.

If you believe that the manual breast pump is the one that will better adapt to you, do not skimp. Don’t buy the cheapest one. I always say “cheap is expensive” but in this case I think even more so. If you buy something that is too cheap and doesn’t do its job, you will end up leaving it behind and unused or you will have to buy another one. So think before you buy it and choose a reliable hand pump.

Which is the best manual breast pump?

As with electric breast pumps, many of you ask me which is my favorite manual pump. And as always, it will depend on your needs.

On this page I’ve left you some good choices that are hard to go wrong with. But if I had to choose one that I know you won’t be wrong with, it would be

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