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Buy the best Breast Pump

I must admit that my first contacts with breast pumps were not very good.

Instead of starting with an electric breast pump, I tried a manual one. The mistake was buying without informing me, and I paid dearly for it. That’s why we bring you a complete guide so you can choose the best breast pump for you.

You just want to buy the best one?

If you don’t have time to read each guide, here are the 6 best Breast pump in 2022, just take a look and choose the one you like best, there’s no way you can go wrong.

However, in each guide we explain everything you need to know to make the best choice

New Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Bellababy Double Electric Breast Feeding Pumps

Philips Avent Breast SCF330/30 Pump Manual

Haakaa Manual Breast Pump 4oz/100ml

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with Tote

Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Portable Breast Pump 

But… why are they the best BREAST PUMPS 2022? 🏆

This comparison is based on both personal experiences and the Amazon ranking, click on “Reviews” to find out what those who have already bought it think

We update the product ranking frequently
Updated 2022



Current Price

Main feature

Important feature

Buyers' comments

1. Medela Easy Expression Hands Free

Comfortable and Adaptable with No-Slip 

Support for Easy Multitasking

2. Bellababy Double Electric

Power Touch Panel High Definition Display

Pain Free Strong Suction

3. Lansinoh Signature Pro Double

3 pumping styles & 8 suction levels

Hygienic, closed system helps prevent milk backup

4. Rechargeable Milk Pump Travel&Home

Built-in rechargeable battery and USB charge

with LED Display Touch Screen

5. Breastfeeding Pumps for Travel&Home

2 Sizes of Flanges Rechargeable Portable

 LCD Intelligent Touch Screen

6. Breast Feeding Pump Nursing Breast Massage 

BPA Free Single Breast Milk Pump

2 Modes and 9 Suction Levels

What is the best breast pump for first time moms?

It is normal to have doubts about which is the best breast pump or the one that suits you best. Like you, I was like that once. After raising three children, I tried almost every breast pump on the market and decided to write my conclusions here.

This comparison chart is based on opinions of the group of mothers I normally relate to. I have extracted their comments, the problems they encountered when pumping their milk and any other details that you are probably wondering about at this moment.


Medela Swing


Easy to use controls

US version

Light weight

Best rated

Bellababy Double


Come with 2 pcs

4 modes and 9 levels

Sensitive touch panel

Most liked

Philips Avent 


Quiet Efficient

low, medium, high


What is a breast pump 2022?

The breast pump is also known as a milk pump. There are two types: manual and electric. The purpose of this type of device is to extract breast milk from the mother’s breast.
Sometimes it is necessary to pump the milk without your baby taking it. When I’ve talked to mothers, the most common reasons they’ve given me for pumping have been

  • Feeling of excess milk in the breast.
  • The mother cannot be at the feedings, usually because she is returning to work
  • The baby does not hold the breast properly
  • To donate the milk to other mothers with problems in that sense

Whatever your reason, the breast pump is a device that should be in every mother’s closet. Using a breast pump is not incompatible with being a pro-baby, pro-naturalist or pro-breastfeeding mother. It’s just sometimes necessary, it’s normal.

Where to Buy a Breast Pump?

There are many places where to buy it, from an ordinary store to a department store. But, also in my experience, buying it online will be more comfortable and easier for you.

Be sure to make your purchase at an online store where you can return the product without questions. Here Amazon is without a doubt the best option. I know all the breast pumps that are sold in this portal and the range is wide enough for you to find the one you are looking for.

On the other hand, being the portal that makes more sales in the world, all the infrastructure and logistics behind it will benefit you. You will receive the extractor quickly and in your home in a matter of hours or days.
In addition, Amazon frequently has offers on this type of baby products that can save you up to 40% compared to street prices. That’s why on this page I’ll leave you the best updated offers I’m finding.

Types of breast pumps

As I mentioned above, there are basically two types of breast pumps, depending on how they work:

Manual breast pumps

The extraction process is done manually by pressing a knob. The pump will be empty and by squeezing the knob you get increased pressure on the breast and gradually extract the milk. And I say little by little because it is a long and tedious process that can take more than 1 hour. It’s honestly not an option I recommend.

Electric breast pumps

The operation of electric pumps is similar. Simply the process of pushing the knob is replaced by a motor that performs the pressure and helps to extract the milk. The process is much more comfortable and shorter since you can relax and pump while watching TV, for example. In addition, it seems that studies show that the use of electrics causes more milk to be produced. Within the electric models there are two types:

Simple extraction

In these models, each breast is pumped independently. First one and then the other.

Double pumping

In the double model, the extraction is done simultaneously on both breasts. The advantage is that it takes much less time.

These are the TOP 3 CHEAPEST 2022

Haakaa Manual Breast Pump 4oz/100ml Portable

Medela, Harmony Manual Breast Pump, Portable

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump, Hand Pump

How to choose the breast pump that suits you best?

Now that you know the different types of breast pumps available. I’m going to give you 4 characteristics that should help you choose the one that best suits you:

1. Functionality

As I mentioned before, you must decide between an electric breast pump or a manual one. Here I will be clear. I would definitely opt for an electric one whatever your needs are. It is not pleasant to be squeezing all the time for the extraction or that the mechanism does not work properly. So my advice is to avoid manuals and buy an electric one.

On the other hand, if time is precious to you, opt for a double extraction. But if this is not a relevant factor, I would say that the one that has worked best for me is the single extraction one. Even if it takes a little longer, it usually extracts the milk better.

Finally, keep in mind that your pump should have different intensities. I have found mothers who need a low intensity for pumping and others, for example, in my case we need to pump at full throttle to achieve a good pumping.

2. Efficiency

Here you should analyze how much you are going to use the breast pump. There are very cheap breast pumps that can be used on occasion. But if, like me, you are going to use intensively (at least once a day) the pump, I advise you to choose a more expensive but efficient model.

There are two fundamental parameters here. One is time and the other is “discomfort”. That is, the faster ones are usually more uncomfortable. The slower ones, on the contrary, tend to be more comfortable. This already depends on your expectations. In my case I have always tried to choose the ones that were more efficient and faster. I prefer to have a bad time for less time

3. Design and weight

The size, weight and design of your breast pump is relevant. Don’t settle for just anyone. Size is important if you are going to move it around. Don’t buy a lightweight one that is difficult to move because you won’t use it in the end.
Also the design and the pieces you have are important to take into account.

The more tubes and pieces you have, the harder it will be to clean. I recommend that you look for a simple design that is easy to clean.

It goes without saying that the better the material it is made of, the less reactions or problems it will cause. I don’t gamble with this and I have always bet on quality breast pumps.

4. Available accessories

Also look at the accessories available on each model. For example, see if they have extra bottles since you might need them if you pump a lot of milk and want to store it in the freezer.

You could also use extra teats or a comfortable bag to carry it in.

Which is the best breast pump?

Finally, I’m sorry I got you into this whole thing earlier, but I wanted you to know everything there is to know about breast pumps so that you can make the right choice. Here is my complete list (I update it frequently) with my selection of the best breast pumps:

This list has been made based on my own experience and those of the mothers I have consulted. There are no studies on this subject, but I think that in this case the voice of a group of mothers’ experience can be very useful for you to choose from.

1. Medela Swing – The Best Seller

Medela, Swing, Single Electric Breast Pump, Compact and Lightweight Motor

2-Phase Expression Technology, Convenient AC Adaptor or Battery Power, Single Pumping Kit, Easy to Use Vacuum Control…


  • Easy to transport
  • Quite quiet
  • Very intuitive use
  • It works both connected to the mains and with batteries
  • Easy to clean


  • The funnel is size M, so it does not fit all breast sizes but can be purchased separately a funnel of another size
  • Does not include nipple

It is undoubtedly the best seller in the market. If the price is not a problem for you, you will certainly be right with this electric extractor. It is more than tested by a lot of mothers and is the top of the range.

The Medela brand has been on the market for many years and is the leader in the sector. It spends a lot of money on R&D to make models that are increasingly efficient and economical.

In the case of the Medela Swing, it has created its own technology called “2-Phase Expression”, which consists of combining 2 phases for correct extraction. There is a stimulation phase and an extraction phase that helps the process to be more efficient.

In addition, many midwives recommend this model because of its low noise. It is quite quiet and does not weigh much.

The use is quite simple and you don’t have to program anything. Everything is quite easy.

2. Philips Avent SCF332/21 – The second best

Philips Avent Single Electric SCF332/21 Breast Pump, White

Quiet Efficient Pump with a comfortable pumping position due to unique no lean forward design Choose from 3 expression settings (low, medium, high) after starting in the gentle stimulation mode.Stages 0-6 months…


  • You don’t need to lean forward to make sure all the milk gets to the bottle
  • It has electronic memory, so each new extraction starts with the rhythm and speed of the last one
  • It is mild and usually does not cause pain or irritation
  • It works both plugged in and with batteries
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes a bottle and a teat


  • It has a single adapter size, so, depending on the size of the breast, it will suck more or less

Another very good electric extractor. The Philips brand, through its Avent line, has also been a dominant player in this sector for many years.

The fundamental characteristic of this model is its memory. It has an internal memory that is capable of storing the intensity of extraction used to be able to “learn” in successive uses and adjusting the rhythm for the maximum comfort of the mother.

It has a cushion that massages the breast continuously and favors the natural descent of the milk through the breast. It also has batteries that allow to be disconnected from the light.

This model is somewhat cheaper than the Medela and brings a 125ml bottle and a silicone teat that is grateful.

3. Bellababy – good but little known

Bellababy Double Electric Breast Feeding Pumps

Bellababy is decated to providing moms quality and affordable breast feeding essentialsCome with 2 pcs of milk storage bag adapters and 10 pcs of storage bag,moms can express to the milk storage bags directly by the adapters…


  • Excellent value for money
  • 5 suction modes and 9 intensity levels
  • With many extras
  • Compatible with teats and bottles of other brands such as Avent
  • It is also a night lamp with light and sound


  • It has many parts and is a bit confusing to assemble
  • If you use both at the same time, one of them has less suction capacity
  • It only works as long as it is plugged into the power supply

Perhaps it is a less well-known brand, but the truth is that this extractor surprised me. I have tried it only a couple of times, but I liked it very much and I couldn’t stop listing it here.

The value for money of this breast pump is very good. Among other things because it is a double breast pump that also comes with 2 nipples, 5 breast milk conservation bags and 2 replacement valves.

One thing that has positively surprised me is that it has 5 suction modes and 9 intensity levels, which makes it a very versatile breast pump.

Also, its cushion has a petal shape that simulates the baby’s mouth, which facilitates a comfortable and painless sucking.

The good thing about the Yunbaby is that, besides being a breast pump, it is a night lamp with light and sound (up to 6 sounds). Anyway, even having 6 sounds, you can put the ones you want since it has a slot for TF cards.

4. Nuk Luna – its ergonomics is what I like most

NUK Single Electric Breast Pump

Designed for daily, frequent use
Use at home or at work…


  • Easy to transport
  • Quite quiet
  • Very intuitive use
  • It works both connected to the mains and with batteries
  • Easy to clean


  • The extraction is a little slow

Another great brand in the sector. Also very well known and with great investments in research for the development of more and more optimal and lighter models.

The time I used it I thought it had some super comfortable pads and this has been confirmed by some of the mothers who have this model.

The ergonomics it has to adapt to any breast is a very positive point in its favor.

It also incorporates a storage container with a capacity of 150 ml.

A great option to keep in mind.

5. Extractor Tigex

Tigex Multiflow – Electric Milk Extractor with Adjustable Suction Intensity

Electric Breast Pump to obtain breast milk for baby’s consumption Adjustable suction intensity, adapting perfectly to the breast…


  • Good value for money
  • Light and small. Ideal for carrying in your bag.
  • Ergonomic flower-shaped cup adaptable to all breast shapes
  • Adjustable extraction power
  • It works both plugged in and with batteries
  • Easy to clean


  • Quite noisy
  • It lacks a little suction power

The Tigex brand also has a good track record in the sector.

With this model they wanted to reduce the size and weight of the extractor as much as possible.

In terms of comfort, the extractor fits perfectly to your chest and is very comfortable. The design is very enveloping and in the shape of a flower petal. The cup has pads with small protrusions that massage the breast to stimulate it.

It is very simple in its composition and therefore easy to clean with every use. It has few components and can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily.

The only doubt I have about it is that being so small, it may not be as efficient as the

6. Philips Avent SCF330/30  – Manual but is great

Philips Avent Breast SCF330/30 Pump Manual, Clear

More comfortable pumping position due to unique design Soft, textured massage cushion helps stimulate milk flow Compact, lightweight design of the pump body makes it easy to hold and position on your breast


  • You can take it anywhere
  • Easy to clean
  • As it is manual, you do not depend on having a plug or batteries at hand


  • Slow extraction
  • Being manual, your hands get tired

Although I recommend always using an electric breast pump, I couldn’t leave the list without at least a manual pump. The one I have chosen is the Avent one because it is the best seller on Amazon.

Being Avent brand, it is compatible with all Avent accessories and products. You can use it with Avent bottles and get the most out of it.

With it, you can control yourself the speed and intensity of the extraction. It has a very comfortable massage cushion as its electric counterpart.

As it has only a few parts, it is very simple to assemble and disassemble and, of course, to clean with every use. Without a doubt, if you want a manual extractor, this is your best option.

Which one do I prefer?

Well, as I said, every mother should look for the model that best suits her. But without a doubt my favorite is the Medela. Don’t think twice. Even if it’s a little more expensive, your baby’s health and your own are priceless. I recommend this one above all others on the list. You won’t go wrong.

Medela Swing Breast pump

The Natural Fish Oil Concentrate used in this softgel is manufactured under strict quality control standards. It is tested


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