Boys' Wellies

Botas de agua para niños

With the arrival of Autumn the rains give little truce to the It is time to go to the street, so children need a special footing to go to school, visit a family member or friend, or to go for a walk in the park so that their feet will not get wet.

Therefore, today we present you some wellies with very eye-catching and fun designs for the little ones in the house. With these boots children will keep their feet warm and always dry so as not to catch any very common cold or cold on these dates.

These wellies are specially made for children as they are easy to put on thanks to their two handles making storage easier by hanging them in any wardrobe. In addition, it contains removable socks to keep little ones feet always dry.

Its natural rubber composition on the outside of the boot makes water flow easily preventing it from entering the boot. On the other hand, their rubber soles also make them more resistant and non-slip to avoid typical slipping.

With very child-friendly designs they are perfect for the little ones favoring that they can play everything they want without rain or puddles preventing them.

Price — 15, 99€.