Websites about oceans

Can you imagine immersed in the sea watching the depths? Today you can enjoy this experience with just knowing some websites about oceans to visit from home.

June 8 is celebrated on World Oceans Day and is the perfect excuse to get to know the underwater life and everything linked to the world’s seas. Do you dare to do it from the comfort of home? Undoubtedly, the Internet offers many possibilities for children to discover other universes and expand their knowledge. In this case, with the advantage of fun guaranteed.

Oceans just a click away

One of the most interesting places to get to know the oceans is The Deep Sea, an interactive website that allows you to explore the depths of the world’s seas with the possibility that users participate in the experience as if they were really diving in situ. The Deep Web offers the possibility to learn what happens underwater, the creatures that inhabit there, the remains of shipwrecks or the underwater plants that live there.

The good thing about this oceans website is that it is very easy to navigate. It is enough to enter the web to begin to immerse yourself in the depths of the sea. There, children and adults will be able to cross with fish and other creatures that have existed for millions of years. But this is not all, another of the great attractions of The Deep Sea is the possibility to discover the remains of famous boats that remain sunk in the ocean beds.

Visitors can dive further and further down to ten thousand meters under the sea, even to the Challenger, the deepest point on Earth. Simply scroll the mouse to reach that point.

Another option at your fingertips is to visit the famous Google Earth and then learn about the immensity of the world’s seas. Google Earth is famous for allowing access to any corner of the Earth but it can also be one of the great oceans websites because it allows you to discover the part in the whole, that is where all the oceans of the world are located and how they connect with each other. Inside Google Earth, there is Ocean, a virtual space dedicated entirely to the waters.

Browse the oceans on the web

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More specific is the Cousteau Society’s YouTube channel, where there is a range of videos featuring the famous Jack Cousteau’s adventures through the world’s oceans. NASA’s website also offers the opportunity to get to know the oceans in an attractive and innovative way, with multiple options to get into the deepest waters.


If you like sailing, Virtual Sailor is another oceans website that delves into the icy sea waters to simulate the sailing experience on large boats and smaller boats. This naval simulator offers great possibilities, such as the precise dynamics of waves, both over the sea and below. It is a website that offers the possibility to simulate a boat trip discovering the marine fauna and the details of the oceans through 3D graphics, multiple reproduction, a 3D instrument panel, complete documentation to make the files of landscapes and data as well as topographic information in real time.

Oceans on the Internet

Just sit in front of the laptop to enjoy an alternative world that immerses us in very deep waters to discover and get to know that other universe. It is a great activity to do with children and from the comfort of home.

While we have left the quarantine behind, we still need to take precautions and take care of ourselves. The Internet offers a range of possibilities when it comes to having fun inside. Oceans websites are a useful and fun educational alternative to enjoy as a family. I invite you to investigate and discover them, I assure you it will be worth it.