Write dictates

Escribir dictados

It is rare today to see a child take a pencil to write, not unless you are at school or at home doing homework. In the digital age, it is normal for tablets and computers to be ahead when it comes to writing by hand.

However, a recent study has found that handwriting helps improve both learning and memory of the child. Don’t lose detail about the many benefits that little ones have to keep writing by hand.

The importance for children of writing by hand

The results of research are very clear. Handmade writing is beneficial for children because it allows you to learn much more and remember things better. It has been shown that children’s brain is much more active when they write by hand than when they do it with the computer or mobile keyboard.

Because of this, there are professionals who ask that little ones can be trained in a minimal way, in the art of writing. Unfortunately, today’s children spend all day in front of a computer or mobile phone typing with the help of a keyboard, hardly knowing how to pick up a pen and type something in a notebook. The problem with this is that the digital age dominates everything and it is quite normal that over time, handwriting will be lost.

Benefits of handwriting for children

Despite the above, being able to write by hand will generate many more benefits than typing with the help of a keyboard:

  • First and as numerous studies point out, handwriting is good when it comes to enhancing the learning and development of the child.
  • Apart from this, there are another number of equally important benefits such as improving the child’s memory and concentration.
  • It has also been shown that handwriting allows the child to be able to retain information much better thanif he did it in front of a keyboard.
  • The child’s self-esteem along with creativity are other wonderful benefits that hand writing has.
  • The child who writes regularly with his hand has habits such as reading. A child who spends the day typing on the keyboard or on the screen of his mobile does not show barely interest in books.

Aprender a leer y escribir antes de los 6 años

  • Write to hand makes it easier for the child to have better coordination at the psychomotor level.
  • Helps improve and develop fine motor skills in younger children.
  • As we have already said above, writing by hand helps stimulate all brain activity. Such activity is good at the time for the child to develop perfectly.
  • There are studies that corroborate that children who write by hand on a regular basis, may in the future have greater success at the professional level.

In short, there are many benefits for the child from being able to write by hand. It is important therefore, to raise awareness to the child since the child the taste of writing by hand, although in full digital era said fact is quite complicated. Today unfortunately it is very rare to see a child write a letter or something imaginatively like a story. The presence in their lives of devices such as computers, tablets or smartphones is continuous so they prefer the keyboard or screen of mobile phones when it comes to typing something. The only time they write by hand is in schools, despite the growing presence of computers. Education is modernized and in many schools it is written more with keyboards than with your hands.