Being a mother with disabilities

Being a mother with disabilities is an addition to the already complicated task of motherhood, but it is not something incompatible. Having a disability does not make you a disabled person and many mothers with this difficulty demonstrate every day that the ability to be a mother is not at odds with functional diversity. However, many discriminatory attitudes have to be faced by many women.

There are many types of disability or what is the same and so you should begin to describe, functional diversity. In some cases diversity affects various areas that, for physical or mental reasons, are not compatible with the upbringing of a child. However, any type of disability does not constitute an impediment to being a mother.

The difficulties of being a mother with disabilities

Motherhood is not always a path of roses, children are unpredictable. They cry for no apparent reason, have tantrums and incomprehensible behaviors that exhaust even the most patient. All this, coupled with the lack of rest and the addition of all the other tasks to be faced, translates into a few years of real sacrifice. Always rewarded for the love and happiness of watching your children grow up, becoming great people with values.

But for mothers suffering some kind of functional diversity, the difficulty can multiply exponentially. And not only because of the difficulties inherent in motherhood, but because of the discrimination they suffer on the part of society. Something incomprehensible to all those who live daily with functional diversity, because being different, does not incapacitate you to do most of the things that other people can do.

Some of the added difficulties that mothers with disabilities have to experience include:

  • Find a job: Unfortunately, there is currently great discrimination against women at work. Something that doubles in the case of women who also have disabilities. Labour and economic problems pose a great difficulty for mothers with disabilities.
  • Psychological pressure: All women are afraidto show that their baby may have a problem, something that in the case of women with disabilities, poses a greater risk. Although this is not entirely correct, since, many children suffer from pathologies, malformations, heart disease and all sorts of difficulties during their formation, without there being an obvious genetic component.
  • Social pressure: The world is not yet prepared to see women with disabilities as mothers. It’s something incomprehensible to most, but there are still people who think having a disability eliminates the ability to do other things, such as being a mother. The reality is that many women and men with disabilities or functional diversity manage to start a family successfully.

Union makes strength

Any mother needs help, although it is not always easy to recognize it because we strive to be super women, super mothers and super professionals. But the reality is that if there was not so much social pressure with what is supposed to be a good mother, most women would have less trouble delegating to other people.

Tribe is essential for all women, for all mothers and above all, for mothers with disabilities. Having the support of other people who share your fears, concerns and problems is the best way to learn how to cope with difficulties and get ahead. Having the support of the people who make up the most intimate circle, the couple, the family, the closest friends, is essential for the woman to trust her abilities to become a mother.

Because ultimately, being a mother is something so huge that it is impossible to describe it in words. It’s love, instinct, it’s the force that makes you break any barrier and give your best in any situation. Being a mother is protection, it is struggle, values, strength, courage and a lot of struggle. And none of these abilities is made impossible by suffering certain types of disability. Let’s break stereotypes and learn to live with functional diversity.