gorro oso

It’s cold! And little ones, even if they look very active, also suffer it, so a good idea is to warm them, with fun clothes, that babies and childrenlike to wear.

One of the options, ideal to take to school, are bears hats. These not only shelter the child, but they’re also so cute that your kids won’t want to get it out anymore.

Made of a material that resembles the skin or the material from which stuffed animals are made. The bear hatalso has two long handles that can be used to cover not only the ears, but also for your neck.

The picturesque thing about these toy fur hats is that on the head there are small ears like that of teddy bears , and best of all it is extremely warm.

As if it were not enough at the ends of the earmuffs they also bring small mittens so the bear hat is a multifunctional garment as you can warm your child as you like.

You can get it in various colors, but undoubtedly the most beautiful of all is brown. A good option, to keep your baby warm and at the same time, with fun and cheerful clothes .