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Baby swing

If your baby likes movement, a swing can provide you with quiet time during the first few months. For example, if your baby is a little crybaby, a swing can rock him/her to sleep.

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Swings at home, like everything else, have evolved. Apart from the usual swings, a few years ago there were so-called rocking swings, totally focused on babies from birth. This type of swing automatically swings the baby with two main objectives: to entertain and relax.

Do you want to know more about swings? So, read on!

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Why buy a Baby Swing?

Originally, the swing was a wooden seat attached through ropes or chains to a tree branch or a solid structure.

Different origins are attributed to it:

  • For the Greeks, it had a religious meaning and was part of the rituals for the God of Wine: Dionysus. An air rite for the purification of sins.
  • Some people say the swing was invented by Hippocrates as a mechanism of physical exercise useful to keep a good figure and fight melancholy.
  • Cervantes told that, in Andalusia, the girls swung on swings with a tambourine and sang on special occasions such as the grape harvest.

For children, “traditional” swings have none of these religious or philosophical meanings, but they do have many benefits:

  • The free air swings allow them to experience the feeling of freedom and speed.
  • They stimulate their creativity and the desire to exceed their physical capacity by being able to push themselves higher and higher on the swing
  • The child should be able to coordinate the movements of his arms, legs and waist to swing rhythmically at increasing speed and height.
  • Movement can stimulate a baby’s visual sense.

Where to buy a swing?

Well, it depends on the type of swing. If it’s a rocking swing, you can find them in any baby product store, but because of space issues, you will probably find little variety.

If we are talking about a “lifetime” swing, you will have to look in both general and specialized stores, for example, in the garden.

Another option is to look in online stores because there you will find variety of both types at a good price.

The only “but” is that you can’t “check” the swing before you buy, however stores like Amazon solve it very well.

With Amazon, if once you receive the swing you are not convinced for whatever reason, you just return it, quickly and easily, without any explanation or extra cost.

In addition, the range of swings, especially rocking swings, offered by Amazon is wide. Not to mention their competitive prices. You’re sure to find one that’s right for you.

On this page, I will leave you with the best updated offers I can find.

Types of baby swings

As we mentioned before, there are two main types:

  1. Classic swing
  2. Rocker Swing

Baby Classic swing

It is the swing of a lifetime with the difference that being for small children, its seat is closed to prevent the child from slipping and falling. Some even carry a harness to hold the child even better.

These swings help the child train his or her ability to balance and propel himself or herself with the feet.

They work completely manually, either with the child’s impulses or because you push the seat.

Baby Rocker Swing

It is designed specifically for babies from birth to 9 kilos. This swing automatically swings the baby in different speeds. Some include sounds, lights or a bow with dolls.

This other type of swing mainly helps to entertain him or to relax him while you have him close.

For some babies who have trouble sleeping, the swing is often an ideal way to lull them to sleep and help them relax. The swinging movement is related to mother’s bonding.

Some of these rocking swings, become a hammock and are usually used from the time they reach 9 kilos in weight until 18.

Some of these rocking swings only work on batteries, others only work when connected to the electric grid and others work both on batteries and when connected to the grid.

How do you choose the right swing?

When choosing the right swing for you and your baby, we need to consider the type of swing. It is not the same thing to consider if you are buying a classic swing as it is to consider if you are buying a rocking swing.

Classic Swing

  • That is appropriate for your baby’s age, size and weight. If your baby is small and you buy a larger swing to “save up”. Your baby may not be held securely in the swing with the risk of falls and accidents

  • Ideally you should have a 4-5 point harness, but at least a belt.

  • Check that the materials and structure of the swing are strong enough to support the weight of the baby.

Rocker swing

  • That is appropriate for your baby’s age, size and weight.

  • Swing covers should be removable for washing

  • Reclining and padded seat because many times the baby will fall asleep and we want him to be very comfortable so he can rest better

  • Some baby swing models incorporate additional features such as a vibrator, music and toys. Consider these options if you want to stimulate his curiosity and have fun while keeping him close to you and performing the activities of your daily routine.

  • Make sure the materials and structure of the swing are strong enough to support the weight of the baby and light enough to make the swing easy to carry.

What is the best baby swing?

There is no such thing as the best swing, only the one that is most suitable for you and your baby, because it is vital that your baby feels comfortable. In order for you to make the right choice, it is important that you consider the different aspects that I have mentioned just before.

However, to make it easier for you to compare, I have made a comparison chart (I update it frequently) with the selection of what I consider the best swings. To make it, I have based it on my own experience as well as on the experience of other parents.

Which one would I buy?

The truth is that they are all good swings. Anyway, remember that there are two types: the rocking swing and the classic swing. The second one, although it can also be used inside the house, we usually put it outside and as not everybody has a garden or a yard, but a house, for our choice we will focus on the swing set.

Regarding the rocking swings, the truth is that they are very similar to each other, but if I had to choose one it would be …

Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable Baby Swing

When you need a second set of hands, this automatic swing gives baby a place to relax right by your side. The plush seat cradles your baby in comfort with cozy, plush fabrics.

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