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Baby Play mat

Known as playmats or baby gyms, they have become one of the most popular toys among mothers around the world. This is because of how useful they are in stimulating the psychomotor development of children in their first months of life.

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If you are thinking about what would be the perfect toy for your newborn child, put one of these gyms as one of the main options because the benefits for your baby will be many.

If you want to know more about them, read on! Below, we’ll give you all the information you need to choose the one that’s right for you.

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What is a baby play mat?

Baby gyms are padded blankets with one or two arches where you can hang dolls, rattles and all kinds of eye-catching objects to capture baby’s attention. It is one of the best toys to stimulate children’s psychomotor development, since it encourages them to move their arms and legs, making them establish a relationship between action and reaction.

Baby gyms are very easy to use. You simply place your baby on his back on the padded blanket. When the child sees the dolls right in front of him, he’ll want to touch them and that’s when the fun begins. The child will have to make some effort to reach them, which will cause him/her to stretch his/her hands and feet, exercising and strengthening them. You can also place the child face down to exercise the cervical and lower back muscles, as well as the extremities mentioned above.

Since when can you use a baby play mat?

It all depends on the baby’s development since everyone is different, but it is estimated that the ideal age to start using these gyms is after the second month of life. Usually, after that time, children’s muscles have developed enough to allow them to stretch their limbs, open and close their hands and pay enough attention to be attracted to the colors and sounds of the mobile toys in the gym.

When should you stop using it?

To know when to stop using the gym, you need to keep an eye on your baby’s development. Specialists estimate that the ideal age is around six or seven months, but remember, every body is different.

The ideal age to quit the gym is when you notice that your baby’s arms and legs are strong enough to start crawling.

Benefits of baby play mat

As we have mentioned before, baby gyms provide numerous benefits among which we find:

  • Strengthens their muscle structure: Whether they’re on their stomach or their back, babies exercise most of their muscles when they’re in the gym.

  • Improves their reaction speed: the multiple rattles and textures of the different objects hanging from the arch of the blanket will make the baby establish for the first time a relationship between action and reaction, which in turn will exercise their brain to stimulate their reflexes.

  • Psychomotor development: babies should learn how much they need to stretch their limbs, as well as how much strength they need to apply to reach and hold the various dolls and rattles on the gym’s arch. This will improve his coordination, an indispensable skill for the child to learn to walk in the future.

  • Develops sensory skills: The child will train his depth perception to be able to reach and catch the objects in front of him, will begin to recognize textures and identify where the sounds of each of the dolls and rattles in the gym come from.

  • Develops cognitive skills: after a few weeks of use, the baby will begin to identify and remember the textures and sounds of each of the gymnasium’s rattles and dolls. This requires attention and memory, two basic cognitive skills to improve their ability to learn in the future.

Where to buy a baby play mat?

You can find baby gyms at any baby store: neighborhood stores, maternity department stores, department stores and online stores.

Although it may seem incredible, there are dozens of baby gyms on the market. However, because of space issues, the supply in physical stores is quite limited. That’s why online stores are a good option. Since they have no space limits, you will find a greater variety of models and prices.

If you decide on online stores, keep in mind that not all of them are the same. Variety and price are important, but even more important (at least for me) is not having any problem to return the product in case it doesn’t convince you or doesn’t meet your expectations, without explanations, quickly and easily and without any additional cost.

All this is what you find at Amazon: variety, good prices (usually the best) and an after-sales service of ten.

To make it easier for you, in this page I will leave you the best updated offers that you will find.

Types of baby play mat

Over the years, various types of baby gyms have been created, but the most used today are

Saddle gym

It is a padded chair instead of a blanket. These gyms have the arch of mobile toys that only allow the child to exercise his hands. For this reason, they are only used by the youngest babies.

Didactic blanket

It’s the gym we all know consisting of a padded blanket and one or two bows of mobile toys to entertain and exercise your baby. Some allow the mobile toys to be attached to the blanket so the baby can also exercise while on his tummy.

How to choose the right baby play mat?

Over the years, a wide variety of baby gyms have been developed, all with different features and functions. That’s why it’s important to consider the following factors before deciding which gym to buy.

  • Design: The way the gym is designed directly affects how your baby can exercise in it. So, the more well-organized accessories you have, the better the workout will be.

  • Size: usually the training blankets are about 70×50 centimeters, but some larger ones can be found on the market. It is important that you consider this factor taking into account the space available in your home and the size of your baby.

Materials and accessories: make sure that the materials used in the gym and its accessories are not toxic, as your baby may put them in his mouth while playing. It’s best for mobile toys to be soft so your child doesn’t hurt himself while handling them. It’s also important to look at the size of the accessories. It’s important that they’re big enough so your baby can’t swallow them or put them in his mouth completely.

What is the best baby play mat?

There is no best baby gym, only the one best suited for you and your child. It is important that you take into account the aspects that I mentioned before in order to make the right choice.

However, to make it easier for you, I have made a comparison chart (I update it frequently) with my selection of what I consider to be the best baby gyms. It is based on my own experience as well as that of other parents.

Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym & Maracas

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