Disfraces de bebés Carnaval

Baby Costumes Carnival

The Carnival parties are almost around the corner, although many of us already enjoy good carnival couplets, it is not yet known what the whole family can be disguised. Carnival costumes is to be able to enjoy that wonderful holiday, but to do this you have to be comfortable with costumes, especially the little ones.


is why today we give you some ideas for them, as children bother him a lot of costumes. However, Carnival is lived in many places in an educational way, both at school and in the neighborhood festivities. So, write down all the details.

  • Bee and Honey Costume: This costume is very good for twin babies, so it complements each other. For the little bee you will need a T-shirt and black tights, plus a yellow bib, which you can make yourself with felt fabric, a tutu and a hat of those two colors. For honey, you will need to make several washers with foam rubber, lining them with light brown fabric and place them with some stuffed bee.

Disfraces de bebés Carnaval

  • Maggie Simpson: For this costume you will only need a blue romper or make a kind of sack with some celestial blue fabric. In addition, with foam rubber or yellow felt fabric you can make your hair pointed maggie with just a headband. To complete the costume, just a red pacifier and as large as possible.

Disfraces de bebés Carnaval

  • Harry Potter: For a harry potter at home, you just need one White shirt of his size, a small tie (you can recycle one of your old fashioned dad) and a black robe. You just have to sew the coat of arms from Harry’s school and that’s it!

Disfraces de bebés Carnaval

  • Flintstones: This costume can also be for older siblings. For the child you will only need a brown fabric to which you will stick black triangles. In addition, to give more detail to the costume, you can attach a tape and some other bone. For Vilma, just a loose-fitting dress to stick the triangles before, and also the bones.

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