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Nursing Pillows

Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful stages of life for mother and baby. In the case of the baby, not only does he or she receive the best food, appropriate to his or her needs and which protects him or her from illness, but also establishes an emotional and affective bond with his or her mother.

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But, let us admit it, breastfeeding has its own position, starting with the posture. Ideally you should be in a comfortable, pleasant and relaxed position, but this holding a baby in your arms is a complicated task.

Luckily, we now have breastfeeding cushions that make our job much easier. If you are interested in buying a breastfeeding cushion, read on! We explain everything you need to know to make a wise choice.

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What is a Nursing Pillow?

A nursing cushion is basically a cushion of different shapes, sizes and fillings whose purpose is to support the baby to make the breastfeeding process more comfortable.

Its purpose is to raise the height at which the baby rests so that the mother is more comfortable and can maintain the proper posture while her child feeds without overloading her back. This makes breastfeeding a relaxed and enjoyable time for both of you.

They are usually ergonomic to fit the shape of both mother’s and baby’s body. Some are lined with easy-to-clean or washable materials and have pockets to store those things you need to keep on hand while you breastfeed your baby.

Benefits of the Nursing Pillow

The benefits of using a nursing pad are several:

  • It helps to have the right position, which will demand less effort from the baby at feeding time and will favor the production of milk.
  • It helps prevent breast pain caused by poor posture on the part of the mother or baby.
  • If the baby breastfeeds in the proper posture, he feeds better and is more satisfied.
  • It can also be used when the baby starts taking a bottl
  • Adapts to different breastfeeding postures, including lying on the be

Where to Buy a Nursing Pillow?

You can buy them at any store that sells maternity related products: the neighborhood’s trusted store, department stores and online stores.

If you buy online, you will save time since you will not have to move from home and you may even save money since they usually have better prices.

If you finally decide to buy online, I recommend Amazon. If there’s one thing they stand out for, it’s their excellent customer service. That the product isn’t what you expected or doesn’t meet your expectations? No problem! You can return it without any explanation, quickly and easily and without any cost.

On this page, I will leave you the best updated offers that I find

Types of Nursing Pillow

Breastfeeding cushions are usually differentiated from each other by their shape, being mostly of two types: horseshoe or snake.


It is shaped like a horseshoe and fits around the mother’s waist.

The back serves as a support for the mother’s back and the front serves to place the baby. Some of these cushions are higher at the ends to support the baby’s head and make it even more comfortable.


It is an elongated cushion that can measure up to two meters and has a double function. On the one hand, it can be used by the mother as a pillow during pregnancy for better sleeping comfort during the last months which are usually the heaviest. On the other hand, as a nursing cushion once the baby is born.

Because of its shape it is more adaptable but also a little more uncomfortable to carry.

How to choose the right Nursing Pillow for you?

The truth is that all nursing pads are very similar, varying mainly in shape. Even so, you should keep these aspects in mind:

  • To avoid allergies, make sure your breastfeeding cushion is made of cotton and has a cover that you can remove for washing
  • The storage space is an element to keep in mind. Horseshoe type are easier to store and easier to handle while you hold your baby and settle down to feed him. The snake type may be a little more difficult to store and carry with you when you go out, but it has the advantage that you can use it both during pregnancy and when the baby is born.
  • Another aspect to take into account is the size of the cushion according to its physiognomy. For example, in the case of the snake type, if you are tall you will need a longer on

Which is the best Nursing Pillow?

There is no better breastfeeding cushion, but the one most suitable for you and your child. Remember that you have different types. Depending on your preferences, you will find one type better than another. But keep in mind the things I mentioned earlier to make the right choice.

Which one to choose?

The truth is that all nursing pads do their job. Choosing one or the other depends on what you want to use it for, whether it is just for breastfeeding or also during pregnancy, although we have seen that 2 in 1 can be too big for breastfeeding.

For this reason, I would choose a cushion designed specifically for breastfeeding and, among them, I would stick with …

Minky Nursing Pillow Cover – Arrow Pattern Slipcover

You’ve made the best decision to provide a clean and comfortable surface for your baby’s head with our super-soft minky nursing pillow covers (unlike those scratchy cotton alternatives).

It is very versatile, since it can be used for other things besides breastfeeding. It is also one of the best-selling and most popular breastfeeding cushions, so if you decide to use it, you will be sure to get it right.

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