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Anti colic Bottles

Does your baby suffer from infant colic or are you afraid of it? If so, the anti-colic bottle can become your great ally. Even so, it’s important to point out that it’s not an infallible remedy, partly because there’s no single cause of baby colic.

baby bottles anti colic

In any case, if your baby’s colic is mainly due to air intake during feeding (one of the main reasons), the anti-colic bottle will be the solution.

There are a wide variety of anti-colic bottles and they all fulfil their basic function: to prevent colic.

Therefore, it is a question, above all, of tastes and circumstances to choose one or the other. To make it easy for you, I have selected the 5 best-selling and most highly-rated anti-colic bottles so that you can get to know each one and choose the one you like best.

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These are the 3 best anti colic bottles

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Philips Avent Anti-colic Baby Bottle with AirFree Vent

NUK Smooth Flow Anti-Colic Bottle, 5 Oz, 3 Pack

Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle, Options+ Anti-Colic Narrow Bottle

What is an Anti-Colic Bottle?

An anti-colic bottle is a bottle that basically incorporates a system that prevents the baby from ingesting air during feedings, which significantly reduces the chances of the baby suffering from colic for this reason.

There are bottles made of different materials and with different types of teats, but they all fulfil their main function: to prevent colic.

If you have to give your baby a bottle, whether it’s breast milk or formula, this product is a good option. The investment is minimal (an average of 10 euros per bottle) and the benefit for both you and your baby.

Where to Buy the Anti-Colic Bottles?

You can buy them at any pharmacy or any store where they sell maternity related products: the neighborhood’s trusted store, department stores and online stores.

If you buy online, you will save time since you will not have to move from home and most likely you will save money too since they usually have better prices.

There are several online stores where you can buy them, but I recommend Amazon, both because they usually have the best price and because of their excellent customer service. For example, you can return the product without giving any explanation, quickly and easily and without any cost.

Amazon offers a wide range of anti-colic bottles. You are sure to find one that is right for you. In addition, they sometimes have offers on baby products with savings of up to 40% compared to “traditional” stores.

On this page, I’ll leave you the best updated offers I’ve found.

How do you choose the right anti-colic bottle?

The truth is that all anti-colic bottles are very similar. You can vary the material they are made of (glass, latex or polypropylene) and the characteristics of the nipple it includes (design, size and type of flow).

Despite these physical differences, they all fulfill their main function: to reduce air intake, which helps prevent gas and therefore colic in the baby.

Based on this, the choice of one bottle or another is more a question of taste, especially in terms of the material it is made of and the design of the teat, and of circumstances. In principle, it’s best to choose a bottle with a teat that is the right size and type of flow for your baby at the time of purchase.

However, if you like a particular anti-colic bottle and it doesn’t come with the nipple you need, check if you can buy it separately. Make sure the nipple fits the bottle perfectly. If the nipple is the same brand as the bottle, there is usually no problem, but if it is not, check before you buy that the bottle and nipple are compatible.

Which is the best anti-colic?

As we mentioned just before, all anti-colic bottles fulfill their basic function. From there on, it is already a matter of taste and circumstances (especially with regard to the baby’s age and sucking ability), the choice of one or the other.

Which one would I buy?

Actually any of those is fine. There is hardly any difference between them in terms of quality and price. Basically the choice is limited to a question of taste: what kind of material you like best, what design of the teat, what brand gives you more confidence, etc.

but if I had to choose one I would decide for this

NUK Smooth Flow Anti-Colic Bottle, 5 Oz, 3 Pack

NUK Smooth Flow Bottles are the anti-colic solution for bottle feeding, featuring a unique nipple design that allows baby to control the flow rate for colic-free feeding.

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