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Buy the best Baby Bottle

You have to look for the bottle that best adapts to your needs and those of your child, there are different sizes and shapes, with teats of different materials, with anti-colic valve… There are so many models of bottles that many first-time parents may feel confused when choosing one for their child.

In fact, you have to choose the one that the child likes or suits best and the one that is most comfortable for the parents to wash, sterilize and transport.

You just want to buy the best one?

If you don’t have time to read each guide, here are the 6 best Baby Bottles in 2022, just take a look and choose the one you like best, there’s no way you can go wrong.

However, in each guide we explain everything you need to know to make the best choice

Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle Pack X4

Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle Pink Gift

NUK Simply Natural Baby Bottles Pack X3

Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle, Options+ Anti-Colic Narrow Pack X4

NUK Smooth Flow Anti-Colic Bottle, 5 Oz, Pack X3

Boon NURSH Reusable Silicone Pouch Bottles Pack X3

But… why are they the best BABY BOTTLE 2022? 🏆

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1. Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle

Ultra soft, flexible nipple 

BPA free

2. Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle Pink 

Ultra soft, flexible nipple 

Pink Gift Set

3. NUK Simply Natural Baby Bottles

Multiple nipple holes and innovative

Extra-soft nipple 

4. Dr. Brown's Baby Bottle

Clinically proven to reduce colic

Dishwasher (top rack) and sterilizer safe

5. NUK Smooth Flow Anti-Colic Bottle

Mimics the shape of mom's nursing nipple

Tested with 145 bottle users

6. Boon NURSH Reusable Silicone Pouch Bottles

Air free feeding

Dishwasher safe bottles

What is the best Baby Bottle 2022?

A must-have accessory when you’re having a baby is a bottle, and depending on whether you plan to give your baby breast milk or formula, you’ll need to have more or fewer bottles, and these should be of different types.

The different types come mainly by the size and then by other features and benefits that will make you more or less missing depending on whether your baby is small or large and their characteristics at feeding time.

You may find what I’m telling you now a bit convoluted, but if you keep reading until the end of this guide, you’ll understand everything perfectly.


Philips Avent

Ultra Soft

flexible nipple

Airflex valve

BPA free

Best rated

Dr. Brown’s

Soft silicone

Sterilizer safe


BPA free

Most liked

NUK Simply Natural

Soft nipple

Multiple nipple holes



What to consider before buying a bottle?

When choosing the perfect bottle you must take into account mainly the time your baby has, so you will need your baby has some characteristics or others, and from there you must take into account the different types and characteristics of the bottles and teats that are, which are:

  • small, medium and large
  • thin and thick
  • glass or polypropylene (plastic)
  • with or without anti-colic system or valve
  • nipples of different shapes and speeds
  • latex or silicone nipples

Choose the right bottle size

It will be related to your baby’s milk intake, which also tends to be related to a certain nipple; that is, a small baby usually goes with a nipple that is normally adapted to a newborn or baby of a few months and this will be of slow flow; while a large baby usually goes with a nipple of great speed or intense flow.

This is why the size of the bottles will change and adapt as your child grows and as his or her intake increases.

As for choosing a thick or thin bottle, it’s more a matter of taste than anything else, although I do say that thick bottles are more comfortable to clean than thin ones, because the brush goes in much better to clean the inside than a thin one.

Which is better, glass or polypropylene bottle

Both bottle materials are good, although it must be said that the glass bottle is much better, much more hygienic, easy to clean and sterilize, as well as keeping the milk warm for a little longer; but it is also true that the polypropylene or plastic bottle is safer, as you will not burn yourself when picking it up after sterilization and if it falls over it will not break.

In this case what is usually done is to use glass bottles during the first months of life of the child and once he has the ability to hold the baby alone change to plastic ones, because they are much safer for him, besides that they also weigh less.

Now, if you decide to use plastic bottles for those first months too, know that the choice is still just as good and valid.

baby bottle with or without anti-colic valve?

His thing is to always have it, regardless of the age of your child and how big or small the bottle.

Now… it is also true that from 4 – 5 months your little one performs much better in his digestions and is able to control and expel gases much better, so this feature is not essential from that time on.

However, as I said, as long as your child has good control over his or her breathing at feeding time and expels air without problems, it’s worth taking a few more months to change the bottle and use one without a valve to see him or her suffer from abdominal pain.

What kind of nipples are best

Without doubt the silicone nipples, because they are more hygienic, transparent, soft, tasteless and odorless, besides being also more durable.nipples

It is true that the latex ones are softer and more elastic, but they last less and immediately take on a smell and become deformed.

And another feature to take into account when choosing the teat is its type of flow and speed, which you should choose depending on the age of the child and the food you are going to give him.

It is not the same for a very small baby that only takes milk, where you should use a nipple with low flow and slow, to avoid choking, to a larger baby, who already knows how to suck and has the ability to swallow large amounts, so you need a fast teat, whose flow should be large for when you introduce the cereals, which thicken the milk and need a larger hole through which to exit.

Where to buy a baby bottle

The prices of baby bottles are varied, but they all tend to be quite cheap and reasonable.

You can buy any of these bottles at Amazon, and they will keep you informed of the status of your order, which will be sent to the address you have indicated in a few days.

In addition, with Amazon you will probably be able to access some of their discounts or offers at the time of purchase, which will be even cheaper. If you have any problems or queries, you know that Amazon’s customer service department will solve them quickly.

These are the TOP 3 CHEAPEST 2022

Exquisite Buggy My Sweet Baby Disappearing Magic

NUK Simply Natural Baby Bottle, 5 Oz, 2 Pack

Dr. Brown’s Options+ Sippy Spout Baby Bottles 2 Pack

Safety Tips for Using Bottles

As a mother, I know that safety in everything related to your little one is paramount and in the case of baby bottles it was not going to be less.

Let’s see, the care here is very simple, this also has to be said, both in terms of hygiene and sterilization and when it comes to knowing when to change the bottle being used for a new one.

Bottle cleaning

I’ll start by talking about cleaning the bottle, which as I say is very simple, at the moment you will need a round and elongated brush specifically for bottles, which usually has a much smaller back special to clean the nipples.

And it is as simple as pouring soap and water and hitting it with the brush, rinse well and end …

When they are very small, from 0 to 3 months, more or less, I personally like to sterilize the bottles; then I don’t do it anymore, because their digestive system is stronger.

You can always ask the pediatrician. I did it and received two different answers; with my daughter I could do it without any problems, but with my little boy they told me not to do it because that way he would get used to everything.

Of course, whether you sterilize or not, you always wash the bottles well. You can also put them in the dishwasher and they sterilize that way, because you know that it dries using a lot of heat.

When to change a bottle and/or teat

As soon as you see that the teat breaks, something that is inevitable due to use and cleaning, you change it.

These usually crack at the top and end up joining all types of holes, falling a large flow of milk, which if it is small your baby will end up choking.

Another reason to change the nipple is the baby’s growth; remember what I told you before about the types of flows and speeds.

As for changing the bottle, this is usually done when the baby is scratched and/or opaque, and of course, also to adapt to the baby’s feedings, because if you remember the point where I was talking about sizes, it’s normal to start with a small size and increase it as the dose of feedings and your baby increases.

Until what age to use the bottle

Well … here is almost as far as you consider appropriate and / or ask your little one, although we better go with the principle that would answer the question of when to start giving the baby a bottle? and then I nuance when would be the end of use of the bottle.

You will start feeding him according to the type of feeding you decide to give him; if you decide to give him formula, it is clear that you will start from the moment he is born; now, if you decide to feed him with breast milk, it will be the pediatrician who will tell you when to start giving him the bottle, giving himself two cases:

One, if you have to give him a bottle as a support for breastfeeding, either because your milk doesn’t feed him well or because the baby is a little bit too much and needs more milk than you do and…

Two, give him a bottle a day from the month onwards, more or less, to get the little one used to the teat and the bottle so that if something happens to you, such as getting sick, you have to go somewhere where you can’t take him with you, etc., the baby can feed without any problems.

Obviously, this bottle can be made with your own milk, which you will have pumped, like the ones I am talking about on this website as well, and stored well in the fridge, where it lasts a few days, or frozen in special bags to keep it for 2 or 3 months.

The beginning of the bottle is with milk and the pediatrician will indicate you when and how to introduce the cereals, first without gluten and then with gluten.

And you could say that from a year or a year and a half, more or less, the bottle would stop using it.

Now, here are some of the exceptions; There are children who find it difficult to stop drinking their baby and even when they’re two years old they still ask for a night-time bottle, just before going to bed, or the 3 a.m. bottle, for example… if you convince them to drink it in a glass, Perfect, but if not, being so old, where they already have all their teeth, what you should do is the largest hole in the teat, so that the milk comes out without effort, as if it were a bottle of water. child taking a bottle

There is also the case that, even though they are a little older, they still eat their milk drink with cereal for breakfast, because the same thing; you make the hole in the big teat so that it doesn’t affect the teeth and that he eats his cereal for breakfast, which will always be better than going alone with a glass of milk, don’t you think?

Let’s see, it’s true that in these last cases you could take the bottle away from him and give him a glass, but it won’t be the same amount nor will he drink it the same way, although it’s all about getting him used to it and “arguing” for a few days until you get it. Another option would be to give him a bottle, instead of the bottle, but it is worse cleaned and less hygienic and you would have to change the bottle daily; let’s go that in this case it is better to give him the bottle with a big hole in the nipple and that’s it.

But… Which one would I buy?

Remember that you must take into account the time of your child, as well as the different benefits offered by each of the different types of bibs to choose the one that best suits you and especially your child, because there is another thing that I have not said, and is that you can choose the best, but then it is that your child likes it, because believe me that you can happen that there will be teats that like more than others, as will happen with pacifiers, milk, porridge, etc.

This is the one I have used for my little one, and he loves it, but I advise you to try different brands and models and see that your child likes it more, or make it harder to find more, because that is his thing, just like that.

NUK Simply Natural Baby Bottle, 5 Oz, 2 Pack

Now your baby can transition from breast to bottle in a natural way with NUK Simply Natural baby bottles. Designed to mimic the fit, flow, and movement of mom as closely as possible, this is the only bottle with up to nine nipple holes, just like mom.


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