moda premamá

maternity fashion

Although seasonal autumn has already begun, it is now when we begin to feel the first weather symptoms with cold, rain and wind. To make you look as beautiful as possible and fashionable we will give you some tips. The first is that you wear cloaks, autumn can be very treacherous, and we go from the cold of the morning to the midday heat almost without realizing it. And, you know, the layers that are in contact with the skin should always be de natural tissue, to avoid allergies and irritations.

And now yes, we continue with these tips and fashion trends for this fall 2020, with their colors and classics that are renewed.

The autumn classics that are renewed

This fall the trench coat is going to be the classic par excellence. Even if you are pregnant, and even if you are advanced at the time of gestation, you will be able to wear it in your usual size. Don’t deprive yourself of her. Beige trench coats are always elegant, suitable for any occasion, but you can also dare with more striking colors such as pumpkin orange, magenta or purple.

Attentive to imitation leather, as this fabric, also quite a classic, will be another protagonist in fashion autumn 2020. You will see a lot of American, jackets and coats from this material, which will be incorporated into the pichis, skirts and dresses. In the shop windows there will be a lot of synthetic leather in strong colors, striking and with personality, generating contrast in the small details.

The fringes, which started last season are kept, and become longer, very cowboy. You’ll find them almost everywhere, and if you find it uncomfortable, then leave them for your small and handbags.

Fashionable colors in the fall

This autumn fashion will not be at all dull, the color will take the street. Choose the one that best favors you and take advantage of your pregnancy, you know that hair and skin, are especially beautiful during pregnancy.

We name you some colors, like amber orange that infuses a lot of optimism and confidence in one. Following this line we have the samba, a very warm muted red, and the fired brick, reddish brown, resembling the cooked brick full of strength and serenity at the same time. Rose Tan has been around for a few years and is that it blends very well with both warm and cold tones.

If we have talked about classic fabrics, we can not ignore the classic autumn colors, such as blue, in almost all its spectrum, but especially the blue of the night sky. Follow the dark blue line with a slight purple undertone. This color is spectacular in coats and raincoats. The ultramarine green, almost bluish, will add a more refreshing touch to your wardrobe and is very flattering for both casual wear and special occasions.

The essential and most flattering garments

If you are pregnant you are in luck, and it is that this fall the clamp pants, wide and light, pleated skirts, maxi coats and capes return. Yes, those youth garments come back. Getting ahead of your baby’s clothes, you will also wear this type of necks in autumn. They will not be precisely small, but rather larger and different from the sweater or dress.

Shirts in cotton or flannel, are still the must-have garment. It is better to buy them longer than usual, such as dresses, because they are warmer and can be combined with leggings, the other great must-have when it comes to fashion for pregnant women. Remember that they are thick, natural, breathable and lightweight stretch fabrics.

And when it comes to footwear, low and wide heel boots are your allies. Choose the medium cane, or even the booties you are in the final stage of pregnancy. You know your legs are very likely to swell.