There are some clues to know if a child is gifted, one of them is language, since gifted children begin to speak earlier than average. This does not mean that all early speech children have high abilities, which is the way in which experts refer to gifted boys and girls.

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It is common for mothers of gifted children to comment that their child already showed an interest in speech around 3 or 4 months, they are very expressive children who already try to communicate by talking, not only with sounds, and say their first word around 6 months.

Speech in gifted children

The first thing to make clear is that all children are exceptions. That is, there are a number of evolutionary milestones, but they are not closed, but indicative. In the case of children with high abilities the same thing happens, there are a number of guidelines that will put you on the track of their abilities, but do not get obsessions with them.

The gifted boys and girls also show a high capacity in the mastery of language. They learn at an accelerated pace and barely mistakes. One of the features is that they themselves correct the pronunciation. Very soon, it can be about 9 months, they already relate the object to the concept. And they also usually do it with all the luxury of details. These children do not usually use the generic bird, but will distinguish a pigeon from a seagull or a rooster, and name them in this way.

Around the year or the year and a half are already able to put together different whole words, and construct phrases. Interestingly, these children enjoy the complexity, which tests their brain and have fun with it. That is why the older school failure occurs. There is nothing worse for a high-capacity child’s brain than boredom.

Comparing language in gifted children


Within normal standards a child of 18 months has a vocabulary of between 5 and 20 words, while gifted ones already exceed 100 words. In addition at this age they already show interest in letters, numbers, figures, colors, and textures that name and identify even without direct parent teaching. They can also form long phrases.

Children 2 or 3 years old have in their vocabulary about 300 words, while the gifted will handle words and constructions like a child 4 years or older . And by the age of 3 they already control a language similar to that of an adult. The stage of the “why” comes earlier in the gifted, their curiosity can test the curiosity of any mother. Express your doubts accurately and talk about your feelings or those of others.

It is common for gifted children to read, write, and are adding and subtracting at 4 years ofage. They speak almost with the accuracy of an adult, and do so without stopping using sophisticated and precise words. They like to make stories or songs almost spontaneously. And from the 6 it can be difficult to talk to them, they will ask really difficult questions for which we will have to resort to looking for the information. It’s time for them to look for their solutions in the dictionary, or other materials.

Talking is more than repeating words

There are boys, and girls, who are very early when it comes to developing speech, expressing themselves, keeping attention, remembering objects. However, they are not considered children of high abilities. What gifted children do with language is that they accurately assimilate and use it.

Boys and girls with high abilities not only expose the thoughts learned, but often speak knowingly from the start. For example, if we ask him why is he a rooster? He will answer us that he has a ridge, the beak, the color of feathers, the sound he makes, what he eats.

Memory is another of the qualities that gifted people manifest. Therefore they are able to remember information immediately and in turn interrelate it with another already learned. It is not surprising that gifted children put forward their arguments, for example, why wear mask with issues you have heard on TV, at home, and make a whole health and prevention exposure about it, which will leave you with your mouth open.