There are many parents who care about how much food they eat their children daily, but in reality you don’t have to force them to anything. Your children’s health of the present and the future has a lot to do with the food they are taught from home. Sometimes some parents desperate for their children to eat what is healthy for them, resort to inadequate techniques to achieve it.

But for your peace of mind, you should know that it’s good for you to allow your children to choose the amount of food they want to eat, rather than forcing them to eat. This will make them not obese in the future or heart disease in the future.

A study published in the journal ‘Journal of the American Heart Association’ conducted by a team of researchers from the American Heart Association has made it clear that allowing children to choose the amount of food they want to eat will make them have better eating habits and avoid illnesses in the future.

Ideally, motivate them to make their own food choices as long as it is a healthy food-focused environment. Children would learn to eat better and have a healthier relationship with food. For your children to have a good diet you don’t have to force them to eat. It is necessary that they identify satiety and good relationship with food.

When you create a proper nutrition environment for your children, they will grow up with good eating habits, something that will help them have better control of their weight in adulthood and prevent them from having preventable cardiovascular diseases. And remember that for your children to have a good diet, the most important thing is that they follow your example and see in you a good model of healthy eating.