dia mundial del arbol

Today 28 June is celebrated as every year World Tree Day, an important date that fathers and mothers should use it to raise children’s awareness of the importance of trees for life. Children do not know that trees play an essential role on the planet, they are not born knowing that they must be responsible and environmentally friendly.

This is a work of parents, educators and adults who make up the social circle of each child. Therefore, you should not miss every opportunity to explain to your children the value of nature, the importance of trees, plants and oceans for the planet to exist. And for this, nothing better than doing it from the game, from the playful activities that are the best way to teach anything to the little ones.

How to celebrate World Tree Day

Día mundial del árbol

You can plan different activities for celebrate tree day with children and teach them a little more to love and respect the environment. Here are some ideas:

  • Clean a forest area: Surely near home you have a wooded area, a forest or some field plot where you can make excursions. Together, you can clean up some small mountain area of waste, while explaining to children why it is important not to mess forests, seas, or streets.
  • Planting a tree: Watching a tree grow throughout life can be a unique experience for children. If you have any small land, you can take the opportunity to plant a tree as a family. To choose the most appropriate species, take the children to a nursery and there they will be able to advise you on what is the best option. The visit itself will be an unforgettable experience for children.
  • Find and share information about different tree species: Children are used to running the internet in their daily lives, so they can easily search for information about trees. Raises a family activity, everyone will have to look for and choose a type of tree and all the information about it. Then each will explain and tell others everything he has discovered about the chosen tree.