In Spain, since the 2015 abortion law reform, a minor girl can abort only with the signed consent of her parents. He must go with them, or one of them, to a clinic or to the Social Security and express his own willingness to abortion, such as the consent of his parents or legal guardians.

Before the entry into force of this reform, minors between 16 and 18 years of age who wanted to have abortions did not need the consent of their parents or guardians of one of them. What did happen is that they had a duty to inform at least one of their parents about their decision . But if they claimed coercion, family violence, or ill-treatment, they did not need to report their decision. All these facts were reflected in the reports of the social services.

What happens if my daughter decides to have an abortion?

Talking about the pregnancy of a teenager at home is a complicated situation, In current legislation if a minor wants to abort needs the consent of her parents or legal guardians. All girls under the age of 18 are subject to the same legal obligation.

Sometimes it happens that girls who decide not to continue their pregnancy seek advice from their own public or private clinics and provide mediators between the child and her parents, in order to understand the situation, inform themselves, assess the risks and can reach an agreement. In the consultation they will explain the methods of abortion, which will be the same as if you were of legal age, and which depend on the weeks of gestation. The pregnant child can also choose which method she prefers.


recalls that abortion is free in Spain within the first 14 weeks of gestation, and women, greater or less, do not have to plead any reason, only express their decision, and in the case of minors the consent of their parents. Social Security provides abortion services among its services and guarantees equality and quality of access to abortion for all women living in the autonomous community in which they live.

Different situations depending on the autonomous community

The reality is that there are differences in implementing this reform of the abortion law, since the autonomous communities have set their own standards on access to abortion. The Community of Madrid is the most prerequisite for access to abortion for minors. In this community, minors must be accompanied by their two parents (father and mother) and both must sign consent.

Madrid is the only autonomous community that requires both parents to sign. In all other communities, the consent of the mother or father is sufficient to allow the child to terminate the pregnancy.

In December 2019, the current coalition government said that girls aged 16 and 17 will be allowed to abort without parental permission. However, the reform has not been carried out and the signing of the father, mother, or both remains necessary.

Abortion via the Internet


Even if we don’t like it, we can’t ignore that there are teenagers who abortion with pills they buy online, and take them without medical supervision with the risks that this entails. Many of them do so because they do not get permission from their parents, or do not dare to ask for it and choose to take these risks to terminate their pregnancy.

On the internet are dozens of ads offering Misoprostol, the active ingredient that is marketed as Cytotec. This is a drug, which is legally administered only in health centers and hospitals, which induces contractions to expel the fetus before nine weeks of pregnancy. There is no warning of the risks of fevers, nausea or bleeding, or the need to visit a doctor before.

The average price of each tablet is 40 euros, on the web pages 2 are recommended orally, and 2 intravaginal for abortion. Shipments are made using a Correos certificate from Madrid.