Vegetable puree for children

A boy, or a girl who eats everything is a blessing. And when we say everything we don’t just mean omnivorous families, but also include vegan or other trends, but everything in your fan. But if your child doesn’t like anything you give him, and he’s always trying to eat the same thing, or he fills up right away, then, the situationcan end your patience.

Most of the dislikes about food come from 2 years. When the child enters the normal food he eats at home, and he starts to have some “manias” or that famous “I don’t like this.”

Three infallible tricks for you to try meals

The first trick we recommend is camouflage. There are flavors that children taste especially bitter, that is the case of onions, spinach or broccoli. So try to contrast the taste. For example with chicken burgers and spinach, broccoli with carrots. And remember, he presents his dishes in a fun way. Give it a new flavor that you want me to try with one you know he likes.

He has his opinion. Children like to feel listened to. Ask him what he wants to eat among the different options you give him. A study has shown that allowing a young child to freely choose what he wants to eat, helps to increase up to 80% the consumption of these foods. In this of having his opinion you can also offer him to choose a meal that he will not eat.

Happy him when he eats well. Strengthen your positive behaviors and recognize them, in this way you will repeat them. For example, if you say, “It’s great how you do it well, how old are you getting!” When you bring the spoon to your mouth, it will again draw your attention by repeating that behavior.

Three mistakes you shouldn’t make and get me to eat everything

coma de todo

Don’t insist. For the little ones there is nothing worse than telling them how good a food is, so that you stop trying it. So make yourself the new one and another day, at another time you give it to him again, but without reminding him that he has to eat it.

Don’t reward him with something if he eats it. With this tactic you will only be reinforcing the idea that what you don’t like is horrible, and dessert or chocolate, playing with the tablet is desirable. You’ll be rewarding him for his behavior. In the same way they do not meet their negative behaviors. If you ignore them, I’ll almost certainly stop doing it.

Don’t push him. Let him eat at his own pace, without haste, autonomy. Stay with him or her at the table, but let him eat without pressure. A full dish can be a little threatening, especially if it’s something you don’t like. And remember that the logical order for us: first course, second and dessert, does not have to be the child’s. A varied dish with everything together can also stimulate you to try it.

Preparing the time of the meal

Even if we’ve left it for the end, it’s not the least important thing. Before eating, prepare yourself, and prepare the child for mealtime. Keep a ritual before eating, things like washing your hands, helping you set the table, sitting at the table, thanking the earth for food, or whatever you see.

Create fun dishes We’ve dealt with it once. You have some ideas here, but you can also see more online, books and magazines.

Listen to your son. If a child cries or says he does not want to eat it may be because he is not well, his tummy hurts, teeth or simply is not hungry. Remember, we don’t always have an appetite.
Finally we return to the idea of the principle teaches by example. If you want your child to have a healthy and balanced diet, you should be the first to maintain it.