Reading offers countless benefits for people’s mental development. It stimulates perception, concentration, sharpens knowledge and activates areas of our brain that recreate our imagination. Starting with the skill of reading and making it like will always be one of the leisures that will follow and will be part of our lives.

books for teens

Teenagers need that reading and need to know and formalize themselves with good books that can be recommended. For this we have a list of books for teenagers essential for reading. Many of them are classic and is that feelings, actions or even talk about other times make them those writings that never go out of fashion.

Essential books for teenagers

libros para adolescentes

1.-The guardian among the rye

It is a book that almost all of us have read about teenagers and being a classic we can continue to offer our children. Its protagonist is a teenager where he recounts his own life from the depths of his being. He has to face his school failure, the rules of his home and sexuality and in his story he connects directly with the reader by the empathy of his description.

2.-Strawberry fields

It has as synopsis the drama and misfortune of a teenager who for a crazy night consumes a pill of ecstasy and for various reasons makes her reach coma. During her admission to the hospital, countless reflections will develop around her that will make many people rethink their way of life and consider what they have to change to enjoy life and be better people.

3.-The Great Dream

This book shows the needs of several crew members of a boat departing from Barcelona to New York to find a better life. During the journey there will emerge authentic friendships and unfortunate rivalries, as well as love… its synopsis will also enter us at the arrival of this great city where things will not get easy to survive.

4.-When Hitler stole the pink rabbit

libros para adolescentes

It is the raw story narrated by its protagonist Anna, a 9-year-old girl who describes with agony how her eyes see the reality of a Nazi Germany. She and her family must flee World War II and the Nazi holocaust and shows horrified and ununderstood why she has to live a world of war and full of racism.

5.-The little prince

This book has fallen into the hands of many generations and has already become an inconon of universal culture and literature. It was published in 1943 and has not stopped being read because of its charm to liking people of different ages. He criticizes some of man’s deadly sins and compares it with modern civilization. Keep writing transcripts and reflections that will help us memorize many of these phrases that we will use in practice for the rest of our lives.

6.-Tale of a castaway

libros para adolescentes

This is the story of a castaway who spent ten days adrift on a raft across the Caribbean Sea. From an interview, it eventually became a literary work where the writer Gabriel García Márquez has put his words , who already won the Nobel Prize in literature in his day. This book collects a short and exemplary narrative from those descriptive and vigorous words of the famous author.


A novel that won the Edebé Prize for Juvenirl Literature in 2015. She tells the story of Xenia, a brilliant student with the goal of studying medicine, but her life is interrupted by falling in love with a guy on the internet, which causes all her dreams to be interrupted. She will be carried away by her passion but eventually she will discover that she is deceived.